15 Decorative Plate Displays to Show Off Your Prettiest Pieces

patterned dishes corner kitchen open shelving
Photo: Werner Straube

Plates can be an inexpensive and colorful way to decorate. Employ plate racks, open shelves, wall hangers, and more, to showcase favorite dishes, treasured chinaware, or collectibles, and you'll be able to enjoy them every day. Use these display ideas to bring your dishes out of the cupboard and into view.

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Open Shelf Plate Display

kitchen open storage shelves decorative pottery
Robert Brinson

Take advantage of open kitchen shelving to organize plates in a pleasing and practical display. Arrange everyday dishes in neat stacks, but stand a few decorative plates and platters against the wall to put their designs in view. A collection of antique and floral-pattern plates brings color and texture to open shelves in this farmhouse-style kitchen.

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Classic Plate Rack

white kitchen with open storage slots for dishes
Marshall Johnson

Store dishes at the ready using a classic plate rack. Built into an open cabinet directly above the dishwasher, this storage solution simplifies after-dinner cleanup. Vertical slots keep plates organized, while open shelves above provide display space for mugs, bowls, and other large pieces.

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Kitchen Island Plate Racks

island storage pottery display racks
Laura Moss

Built-in plate racks add a display area for dishware in this kitchen island. The shallow shelves turn a blank space into handy storage for decorative and special-occasion plates. The island's contrasting gray shelves make the blue-and-white dishes pop.

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Cabinet Plate Display Ideas

Liz Strong home built-in china cabinet
David Tsay

Take advantage of glass-front cabinets to display treasured pieces of china. This built-in hutch showcases plates, glassware, and accessories behind multi-pane glass doors. The lowest shelf serves as a bar and cocktail serving area.

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Repeating Color

patterned dishes corner kitchen open shelving
Werner Straube

Get creative with display ideas to make up for a lack of cabinet space. A set of open shelves installed across a blank stretch of wall can boost storage space, while adding character to your kitchen. These bracketed shelves hold a set of blue-patterned china, which serves as a decorative accent against the beaded-board walls.

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Plate Display Shelves

breakfast nook cushions open shelving
Edmund Barr

A high shelf can provide out-of-the-way storage for dishware. This plate display idea takes advantage of the empty wall space above a corner banquette. The open shelf stores plates and serving pieces that add character to the small breakfast nook.

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Colorful Plate Collection

open pantry shelves colored dishes
Heather Thomas

Look for display ideas that will complement your collection's color scheme. For brightly-hued dishes, try presenting them against a neutral background that doesn't compete with the colors. Painted in a muted gray, this open cabinet provides a subtle backdrop for a cheerful rainbow of dishware.

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Patterned Plate Display

bright dishes in white kitchen open shelving with wallpaper
Dustin Halleck

Use leftover wallpaper or fabric to cover the interior walls of a cupboard and highlight plates and other dishware with a fun pattern. For extra impact, remove the doors to convert basic cabinets into open shelves and keep the pattern in view.

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Open Plate Rack

blue cabinet with dishes
Michael Partenio

An open plate rack provides a charming way to showcase favorite dishes while maintaining easy access. Designed to look like a freestanding hutch, this blue cabinet displays a collection of simple white plates. Drawers below can hold flatware, table linens, and other essentials.

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Plate Wall Display

plate display vintage cabinet
Gordon Beall

Turn plates into a cohesive wall display by hanging them with others in similar colors and designs. Plate hangers ($3, Michaels) are inexpensive and readily available in hardware or craft stores. Clip the hooks onto collectibles and platters to hang them in an attractive vignette.

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Plate Shelf Decor

Shelf white and wood dishes
Robert Brinson

Use plates to complement other decorative accents on open shelving. In this recessed niche, plates, platters, and cutting boards bring depth and scale to an arrangement of ironstone and small kitchen accessories. The back wall is coated in a dark hue to make the light-colored pieces stand out.

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Cabinet Organization Ideas for Plates

kitchen drawer plates bowls mugs
Marty Baldwin

Within cabinetry, employ plate display that maximizes organization. Simple risers can add another level to shelves, allowing you to more easily stack dishes of different shapes and sizes. This also eliminates wasted space without creating a towering stack of plates that's too heavy to access.

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Decorative Plate Display Ideas

green plates on display
John Granen

Gather a collection of similar styles for a plate display with maximum impact. Here, rich wood sets off the lustrous green of these plates. The repeating colors and nature-inspired motifs create a striking display.

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Colorful Plate Wall

Bedroom with colored plates over bed
Heather Anne Thomas

Plates are an eye-catching and inexpensive way to add color to an otherwise neutral room. Try grouping brilliantly colored plates together for a bold statement. Think outside the kitchen, and apply this idea in a bedroom, living room, or dining space.

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Wall-Mount Plate Rack

green and white plate rack
Steven McDonald

A wall-mounted plate rack becomes a work of art when filled with color-coordinated pieces of simple china. Place dishes you use often on the rack to make it as practical as it is beautiful. A simple design keeps the focus on the plates.

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