Mixing Shapes and Sizes of Art

Create waves of intrigue on a wall by arranging artwork of various sizes and shapes together.

Tired of symmetry and rows? Then try this. Gather a group of artworks -- they can be prints, paintings, drawings. Include some mirrors, even some sculptural pieces or wall clocks. Start by placing one piece in relationship to some furnishings.

In the grouping shown, a rectangular architectural print is hung to relate to the lamp and lily on the round table. Moving off the first piece, hang other pieces almost as if you were fitting together a jigsaw puzzle.

The arrangement can move to the side and can rise toward the ceiling. To boost your confidence in creating an arrangement you'll like, after you've hung the first piece take it off the wall, lay it on the floor and arrange the other pieces around it until you're happy with the design.

Then go back to the wall with your hammer, pencil, and picture hangers. It can be helpful if the grouped items have something in common, perhaps they're all line drawings or photographs, or have similar frames -- but this needn't be the case.



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