Line Art Is the Minimalist Statement Your Gallery Wall Needs

These simple abstract designs have a bold impact.

Art doesn't have to be colorful or elaborate to make a statement. In fact, the simplest designs often have the most impact. This less-is-more approach is perfectly illustrated by the line art trend currently sweeping Instagram, where the hashtag #lineart has amassed nearly 8 million tags. Traditionally featuring black lines against a white backdrop, these minimalist works use distinct lines with no shading or color gradients to create a design with sharp contrast.

line art poster next to neutral vases and decor
Courtesy of Etsy

Line art makes a simple yet striking addition to modern-day gallery walls, but the technique dates back thousands of years to some of the earliest cave drawings. Linework was later popularized by renowned artists including Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso, and contemporary versions often draw inspiration from these earlier works. You'll now find examples of this understated style on wall art, ceramics, pillows, wallpaper, and more. It's particularly popular on sites like Etsy, where a search for "line art" yields more than 300,000 products, but you can also shop line art decor at retailers like Target, Pottery Barn, and World Market.

Some of the most popular line art designs represent abstract faces or bodies with curving forms. These figures are often created with a single continuous line that loops around the paper, resulting in an expressive, sketch-like drawing. These minimalist pieces add subtle contrast amid bold colors and patterns, but they can also beautifully complement neutral interiors. Add line art to balance a busy gallery wall, or layer a squiggly lined vase or planter among eclectic bookshelf decor. Here are some of our favorite pieces of line art to incorporate into your space.

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Line Art Print

framed line art print with neutral tabletop decor
Courtesy of Etsy

Add dimension and personality to your gallery wall or shelf display with this printable line art. The digital download includes image files in five different ratios, so you can choose one that best matches the size of your frame. Then print it out at home or send it to a print shop before mounting it in your frame of choice.

Buy It: Single Line Face Art Print ($5, Etsy)

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Abstract Face Planter

white planter with black abstract face design
Courtesy of Etsy

Give your plant babies a boost of character with this funky planter. The 7-inch-wide ceramic pot is hand-painted with an abstract face design. It features a drainage hole at the bottom with a removable plug.

Buy It: Kimisty 7-Inch Ceramic Face Planter ($16, Etsy)

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Embroidered Line Art Pillow

coral pillow with black face designs
Courtesy of Jungalow

Handmade by artisans in India, this pillow gives the line art trend a softer touch. Two faces are illustrated with embroidery and beads on a backdrop of coral-colored cotton fabric. The 22-inch pillow is available with a poly or down fill.

Buy It: Agatha + Oona Pillow by Justina Blakeney X Loloi ($99-119, Jungalow)

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Line Art Wallpaper

black and white wallpaper with abstract face design
Courtesy of West Elm

Make a modern statement in a powder room or living space with this line art wallpaper. The black-and-white design features various abstract faces made with continuous, curving lines. The peel-and-stick panels measure about 25 inches wide and 10 feet long and can be trimmed to fit your space.

Buy It: Drop It MODERN Femme Removable Wallpaper ($180, West Elm)

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Mountain Line Art

framed line art print with mountain design
Courtesy of Etsy

This line art print depicts a mountain motif with a series of wavy lines. Printed with ink on paper, it arrives ready to frame. The print is available in nine sizes ranging from 5x7 to 16x20 inches, or you can work with the seller on a custom size.

Buy It: Organic Minimalist Line Art Poster ($14-$46, Etsy)

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