Kitchen Wall Decor

In a typical kitchen, cabinets and appliances leave little room for kitchen wall decor ideas. See what kitchen wall art we found and love to make the most of the space you've got.

Industrial Kitchen

Who says living rooms should get all the fun? When it comes to decorating, kitchen wall art tends to be an afterthought. With all the important appliances and supplies that kitchens hold, it's easy to see why. However, we are firm believers that kitchens should look as good as the food tastes, so we're here to show you kitchen wall decor you can easily incorporate into your home. Below are tile designs, framed prints, and functional kitchen wall decor ideas for any style kitchen. Get inspired by our picks or find something similar that suits your kitchen best.


Cabinets, which are typically white or wood tones, take up a lot of visual real estate in a kitchen. Next come the white, black, or gray stainless-steel appliance faces. If you want to inject some color into your cooking space, kitchen wall decor is your next option. Fill the backsplash with bright colors, like this seafoam green subway tile design. You can also hang a collection of festive plates on the wall. Look for artwork or photographs that feature a bold palette. For an original idea, stretch tea towels in splashy hues across the frames of painting canvases, and hang a trio side-by-side. You can find these wood frames in crafts stores; simply wrap and staple the towels—or other fabric scraps—to the back.


Since you spend a sizable amount of time in the kitchen, why not have it speak to—and about—you. Make personal statements on the walls with letter monograms or signage that spells out "Welcome to the Smiths' Kitchen" or "Enjoy Leslie's Cooking." You can also order vinyl wall decals in a variety of sayings, or write your own and pick the font and color. For kitchen wall art that's even more customizable, coat a portion of one wall with chalkboard or whiteboard paint, then scribble and draw to your heart's content.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

There's a timeless notion that utility items should be pretty, and pretty things should be useful. This is especially true with modern kitchen wall decor. If you need a wall clock, choose one with a decorative frame. Create an orderly display out of your utensils using an organizer system. Mount a peg rack and use it to show off kitschy coffee mugs snagged by their handles. Attach pot-hanging rods to the wall, and then hook your shiniest, best looking saucepans to them. Even open shelves that hold a colorful assortment of pitchers or plates can be an artistic focal point on the wall if arranged and edited carefully.

wall art

Framed prints and posters you'd traditionally find in a living room also work well as kitchen wall decor ideas. With plenty of cooking and cleaning going on in the space, placement is paramount. Hang delicate or paper-based wall decor in places where it is out of the line of fire from sauce splatters and water splashes. Consider your soffit (the space between the cabinets and the ceiling) as a prime placement for wall art, too.

wooden crate decor

If you're a list person, you'll love this tip. For clever kitchen wall art decor, hang a roll of kraft paper. Leave 1-2 feet of space below the roll to allow room for recording grocery lists, important dates, and weekly dinner plans. You can even tie a marker to the roll so you're always ready to jot something down. This DIY country kitchen wall decor looks right at home paired with a distressed wood shelf and vintage wall clock.

Small Kitchen

Donut take yourself so seriously in the kitchen. Food is fun, so show off your quirky side by framing food-related prints and posters for your blank kitchen walls. This quirky donut artwork looks elegant when paired with a white mat and placed in a sleek black frame. Plus, it pops against the kitchen's emerald green color scheme. Your guests will have a good chuckle at your humorous designs and wonder how they can get their own clever kitchen wall decor.

wall storage for pans

When searching for inexpensive kitchen wall decorating ideas, look no further than your own kitchen cabinets. Bringing gorgeous copper pots and pans out from behind cabinet doors can upgrade your blank walls. This impressive collection of copper cookware looks more like art when hung stylishly from three metal bars. You may need to invest some time in cleaning and polishing old pans, but we promise it'll be worth it.

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