Best Wall Decor Ideas Ever

coral wall art
Are you ready for a change on one of the walls in you home? We've got creative ways to decorate using art, objects, and your own fab DIY skills.

DIY Prints

These stunning modern prints came from the kitchen and start with vegetables.

Impactful Placement

Unexpected placement is a great way to call special attention to a piece of art. To make sure your placement works before you commit with a nail, cut out the shape of the art on butcher paper and tape it up to have a look. If the placement is pleasing to your eye, trace lightly in pencil and head for the hammer.

Embroidered Prints

You can find pretty examples of this homespun style at flea markets and estate sales anywhere. Or, if you want a more modern take, create your own designs. You’ll need an embroidery hoop, floss, and a needle -- plus linen and matching thread. Sketch your own pattern or choose from these fresh designs by our ace designers.

The Empty Frame

How many times have you bought junk-shop wall art just because you loved the frame? Consider pulling out the print and replacing it with -- nothing. Old frames mixed with new ones can display color and craftsmanship in their own right, and there’s just something artful about an empty space within a frame. You might fill it with a traditional print later, but the bare-bones style can look terrific in the meantime, especially against a bold wallpaper print.

Found Objects

Your estate sale and auction finds aren’t limited to shelves and coffee tables. We loved this antique key and didn't want it to get lost in the decor, so we simply pasted it on a bit of fun scrapbook paper in a tiny frame. The miniature shelf was a garage sale find, and with a color update became a stylish parking spot for travel souvenirs. Grouping small details like this together add up to a high-impact vignette on a bare wall.

Wallpaper Solution

Hallways can create tricky design problems. They can be long, dark, narrow, or all of the above. But this corridor through the house can also be a great place to experiment with some bold looks and styles. Big geometric patterns, elegant botanicals, or a fun poppy print can get a nice test drive in the hallway.

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Bring pattern to your walls with wallpaper. Here's how to wallpaper with ease.

How to Wallpaper

Don't let the thought of wallpapering intimidate you. This step-by-step guide shows you how to get it done

Brick Wall Solution

You don’t have to hit a brick wall when it comes to sprucing up a hard surface. Here’s how to hang art on brick: Drill a one-inch deep hole and insert a plastic anchor sleeve until its edges are flush to the brick. Next, sink a screw into the anchor until you have about a quarter-inch space for the hanging wire. Place your art and enjoy.

Go Local

Your area’s unique history and geography offer all sorts of inspiration for a blank wall. Find objects on a hike, or search for landscape paintings at local galleries or art fairs. Flea markets and tag sales might even turn up some local artifacts to add to the mix. Keep a few pieces frameless for a clean, unexpected look.

Letter Perfect

Spell it out on the wall -- your family name, your personal philosophy, or a warm welcome for guests. You can find oversize lettering at a crafts store, which you can either paint or decoupage with patterned paper (sand edges once decoupage medium has dried). Oversize metal letters look great on their own, or cover with magnetic paint and use for family photo displays.

Symmetrical Display

Balancing a room with matching accessories produces a harmonious look that’s pleasing to the eye. The matching headboards, wall art, and swing lamps are just the start of the repeated style in this space, while a chevron pattern rug connects the two sides. If making a mirror image room is too much for you, just a simple attention to scale and proportion also creates harmony in design.

Shadow Play

Silhouettes are quick afternoon projects that look great on a wall. You can easily make a silhouette print using photo editing software like Photoshop. Take a side-view photo in front of a window (no flash), turn the color levels to black-and-white, and adjust your levels layer to make your subject darker and background lighter. Sharpen up the edges using a pen tool set to a black color, adjust to your liking, then delete the background and set a new layer of color behind the silhouette. Print on cardstock and frame.

Stripe It

Painting stripes on a wall creates a great custom look. Choose a base color and when it’s dry, apply low-tack painter’s tape, taping stripes off one at a time. Seal each tape edge with a thin coat of base color. When that paint dries, paint your stripe color on. Dry completely and remove tape. Consider a high contrast scheme on a smaller accent wall or tone-on-tone colors for an entire room.

Antique Boutique

Your roadside finds and estate sale scores have a place on your wall. Group a collection of found pieces around a vintage painting for gorgeous impact. Mirrors generally have a tab on the back for hanging, or you can loop a ribbon through for a softer touch. For items such as bowls and plates, check out your local hardware store for specialty hangers.

Wall of Fashion

Do your prettiest dresses feel like art to you? You can display that gorgeous frock with a couture look on the wall. Mount hooks within a frame and choose a substantial display hanger of wood or silk, rather than a plain Jane plastic or wire hanger.

Fabric Panels

If you live in an apartment or rental where you can't paint, you can still add color and changeable style to a wall with fabric panels. Wrap foam board with your favorite fabric (you can even paint a neutral panel with your own details, if you have the artistic spirit). Staple the backs, keeping fabric taut. If the panel is light, use temporary adhesive squares. If it's more substantial, try an invisible English plate hanger.

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