10 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate with Gemstones

Amethyst, agate, geodes, and everything "gemstone" is quickly becoming the home decor trend that's taking over our Pinterest feed. Discover how to decorate your home with sparkling stones.

Gemstones, geodes, agates—no matter which you prefer, they will make your home chic, stylish, and oh, so trendy. These natural rocks are mineral formations that, when cut in half, reveal a glittering, colorful interior—the perfect finishing touch for your coffee table.

The ones found in home decor aisles likely aren't the real deal, but that doesn't keep us from filling our homes with these glistening rocks! If you're looking for a nature-inspired way to glam up your space, discover our favorite geode decor ideas below.

1. The New Neutral

Neutrals once meant choosing shades that blend in instead of stand out. When combined with the gemstone trend, grays, whites, and tans become eye-catching art. For a grown-up take on geodes and agates, pair matching prints with furniture and textiles of a similar hue. See more from Lake City Loft.

2. Table Toppers

Geode bookends add luxury to your at-home library. Get a pair of colorful gems with two glossy, flat sides. Together they work as gorgeous bookends worthy of holding your most cherished reads. A trendy lamp with a large gemstone as a base adds sparkle to this entryway display. The light reflects beautifully off the natural rock, adding dimension to your display. See more from Home Crush Shop.

3. In the Shadows

A shadow box puts your favorite gem on display. This pretty amethyst looks like the real deal, but would you believe us if we told you it's a faux stone? Made from crafts foam sheets and paint, this DIY project allows you to try the glam geode trend for less. Find the step-by-step instructions here.

4. Wall to Wall

Nothing makes a bold statement quite like geode wallpaper. This dizzying design is kept under control with muted colors and a symmetrical furniture arrangement. Be wary of overcrowding a busy wallpapered space with artwork, but don't be afraid to pair a bold wall with furniture boasting strong geometric patterns. See more from Floor Decor and Design.

5. Natural Environment

Put your gems back where they belong—surrounded by nature. These deep purple stones pair with lush green houseplants to fill an empty wall. This stunning ode to nature's beauty is a one-of-a-kind way to display your favorite gems in your home. See more from MAC Designs.

6. Agate Art

Agate art complements warm copper and soft pink tones for the ultimate on-trend bedroom. This luxurious look is perfect for the minimalist homeowner who likes clean, crisp walls but also craves a touch of glam. With a large enough print, agate art is all you need for a lasting impression. See more from Shine Haus Collective.

7. Furniture Finds

Gemstones aren't just for walls and trinkets; even furniture is hopping on the geode trend! These gorgeous gemstone tables are the centerpiece to this living room. Along with gold accents and a soft color scheme, the gemstones add a touch of luxury to the sleek space. See more from White Elephant Co.

8. What a Gem

For an inexpensive, understated look, try framing decorative geode-inspired paper. Get creative by cutting the paper into unexpected shapes like circles or hexagons. Plexiglass makes the perfect custom frame for any shape while keeping the look clean and simple. Learn more from Do It Yourself Magazine.

9. Slice of Stone

Geode coasters are an easy way to add a hint of glamour to your living or dining area. Almost any home decor store has slices of geodes you can use as coasters. Not only do these prevent your table from collecting water stains, but they look a lot better than cardboard coasters collected from restaurants and bars. See more from Kelsey Cammack.

10. Resting Beauty

Earth tones keep unconventional geode art from becoming overwhelming. This stunning piece of art rests casually against the wall for a laid-back look. Paired with a vintage couch and a rustic wall, this geode art proves the stone can work in any room. See more from Shine Haus Collective.


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