Gallery Wall Ideas to Copy ASAP

Although gallery walls have been trending for awhile, there's no need for your own art collection to feel stuck in the same rut. Let these ideas inspire you to add unique character and new layouts to a gallery wall in your living room, bedroom, stairwell, and more.

Neutrals Feel Natural

In the past, on-trend "anything-goes" gallery walls had a tendency to feel a bit overwhelming. It's easy to combat the chaos by choosing, instead, to run with nothing but neutrals. Here, a collection of black, white, and wood-tone pieces feels cohesive and modern.


We put three home bloggers to the test in our recent Stylemaker Challenge: create a gallery wall on a budget and a tight deadline. See how they did and the surprise twist they had to face.

Gallery Wall Challenge

We challenged three bloggers to create a gallery wall in a short amount of time. Watch the video to see their creations.

A Delightful Distraction

Today's updated gallery walls are an excellent distraction from the must-haves in your space—like a television. Just don't go overboard with the overall design. Base the rest of the room in neutrals, as seen here with the simple white drapes and neutral wall color. They help balance the bold artwork.


Old Made New

While the design of your gallery wall often drives the aesthetic appeal, the art itself is something to carefully consider. This collection of vintage pieces pairs playfully with new ones for a look that feels fresh and modern. To break up the hard lines, consider taking another cue from this gallery: Add in round plates and other whimsical accessories.


Angular Arrangement

Although cramped quarters and awkward spaces can make it impossible to hang a large piece of art, a gallery wall can aid against your struggle. Simply take a hint from this staircase-lined gallery. Stair-step your artwork to mimic the angle of the wall.                      

Make It Flow

Think outside the box when hanging your next gallery wall collection. Although hallways and blank walls are natural areas to pin up art in a home, consider other places like above your headboard or even above the commode. By situating the framed pieces in a free-flowing format around furniture and fixtures, they seamlessly integrate into the surroundings.

A Stairwell to Stare At

Half the work of building a gallery wall is finding where to put it. Consider working with the often-overlooked stairwell wall for an eye-catching arrangement. The dramatic ascending collection will wow your guests from the moment they spot it.

Maximize Minimalism

Admittedly, gallery walls by nature pack major visual impact because of their scale and the layered subject matter. That said, you can keep the look feeling light, bright, and airy simply by limiting your color palette and keeping the surrounding furniture and accessories minimalistic. Choose white frames and decor so your gallery wall feels contemporary and cool.


Keep It Simple

You can create a big impact with just a few pieces of art. For this simplistic look, align several thin frames along a vertical axis. It maintains the gallery look with a contemporary design.

Floor to Ceiling

Why not take things to an entirely new level with your next gallery wall project? By hanging pieces in a tight floor-to-ceiling configuration, this complex composition begs to be browsed. It's a great solution for those who have an extensive art collection that would otherwise be collecting dust in storage. 


Head to Toe

Gallery walls are bold, so think big when planning yours. Don't be afraid to go high and low with your frames, like in this example. This idea is perfect for dressing up large spaces rather than painting the walls. There are so many different ways to take a plain wall and fill it to the brim!

Mix Large and Little

There's a misconception that large-scale art should remain separate from small-scale pieces. Not so: There's visual power in the pairing. Extra-large 40-inch framed pieces can sit nicely alongside tiny 8-by-10-inch pieces. To ensure balance, just make sure to limit both your color palette and frame styles. 


Supersize Your Art

Even if your budget is tight, you can still enjoy the fun effects of a gallery wall. Add contemporary appeal by limiting your art to just three or four large-scale pieces. This maximizes the impact of your small collection but keeps costs low as you'll only need a few prints or photos to ace the look.


Cornered Arrangement

Don't hesitate to put your artwork in the corner. A wraparound configuration, like this pair of framed prints, gives interest to an otherwise unassuming piece of wall space in this bedroom. The chunky cream mats and pretty metallic frames also offer a tiny reprieve from the rich, super-saturated wall color.

A Hint of the Unexpected

If you're looking to add a clever edge to a standard gallery wall, try hanging one unexpected piece to break up the uniformity. In this art collection, a hand painted letter brings a hint of whimsy to the otherwise all-white-framed grouping.


All in Order

For an easy display that requires little creativity but makes a huge impact, make a perfectly aligned gallery wall. Make sure each frame is identical in size, and use a measuring tape for accuracy.

Tighten the Configuration

A common mistake in galleries is in the spacing between frames. Instead of giving a wide berth, tighten the configuration so the individual artworks read almost as one large composition.


Add Inspiration

A gallery wall doesn't have to be all about you. Instead, make it about what inspires you the most! Pick out a few of your favorite prints from the local crafts store, then hang them in an imperfect arrangement for a gorgeous mix-and-match feel.

Finding Focal Points

Choose one or two focal points before building your gallery wall. This blogger went with a pop of color and a bold family monogram. Keep the rest of your gallery wall simple and consistent to let the main pieces do the talking.

Mirror, Mirror

A gallery wall made entirely of mirrors adds a touch of luxury to your home. Light bounces off the reflective surfaces, making the room appear bigger. Make it affordable by buying mirrors at antiques shops and painting the frames in a rich gold.

Pop Art

When deciding on artwork, go with pieces that really pop—as in, pop out of the wall. Too many flat frames can get uninteresting, so switch things up by mixing in dimensional objects. We love the solid-color pieces this blogger chose for her gallery wall!

Kids Gallery

Take the literal route with this DIY gallery wall for your kids. Create a space (other than the fridge) where kids can proudly display their artwork. Movable clips make it easy to switch out old creations for new.

Easy Redecorating Tip: Add Shelves

If you redecorate often, you probably want to avoid putting damaging holes in your walls. Instead of nailing your artwork, opt for a gallery wall made from shelves. Not only will this keep your walls pristine, but you will also be able to rest planters or figurines next to your art.

Plate Display

Don't let your hand-painted plates collect dust in cabinets or in the corner china hutch. Arrange them in an interesting pattern for a unique gallery wall your guests will love.

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