39 Blank Wall Solutions

Sick of staring at a cold, stark, empty wall? Infuse it with warmth and style by adding creative artwork.

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    Stylish Silhouettes

    To put a culinary-inspired twist on the classic silhouette, use cutouts of cooking utensils and appliances as the subject matter for kitchen wall decor. These cutouts are backed with photocopied pages from an old cookbook, allowing them to blend easily with the kitchen's country style. The pieces stand out against the wall with crisp black frames in varying widths and are arranged in a neat, balanced composition.

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    Easy Fabric Art

    Showcase a pretty piece of fabric as art with this simple DIY project. It's super simple and can be done in a snap. Watch and see how it's done.

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    Art from Old Jewelry

    Put a collection of vintage pins and brooches on display with this easy DIY project.

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    Attention Grabber

    Draw attention to unique accessories with an oversize piece of artwork. This massive print embraces the contemporary typography trend and draws the eye toward a modern transparent console table. To keep the arrangement looking grounded and intentional, it's been flanked by a pair of industrial-style sconces.

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    DIY Botanical Prints

    Update the classic look of botanical prints with this easy DIY project. Silk or plastic greenery is laid on a blank canvas and a coat of spray paint creates the reverse silhouette. A special material called frisket (available in the model-building section of a crafts store) gives the pieces a unique irregular border.

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    Artsy Calendars

    Who says calendars can't function as artwork, too? To create the look, remove the glass from a store-bought picture frame, line the inside of the frame with a piece of scrapbook paper, then adhere the calendar to the paper. To allow easy change-out from month to month, look for a calendar that has tear-off pages.

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    A Bit of Nature

    Bring the great outdoors inside with artwork. This sunny sitting room includes a large bay window that offers magnificent views of the outside, making these small butterfly prints blend right in on a blank wall. The bright colors on the butterflies' wings add a needed splash of color to the mostly neutral room and coordinate perfectly with other accessories and decor.

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    Create a Gallery Wall

    Turn a blank run of wall space into a gallery of favorite prints, photos, and objects. Watch and learn the tricks for creating the perfect ensemble. 

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    Laying the Plans

    Search antique shops and flea markets for vintage landscape blueprints that double as wall art. This print, with its soft color palette and faded paper, blends easily with a country gardening motif.

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    Natural Beauty

    Get the gridded artwork look on a dime. Browse the dollar store for wood frames and customize them with paint. These frames were spruced up with black paint and then distressed with sandpaper to match the look of the vintage botanical prints they display.

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    Small Space Decor

    Don't let a small kitchen space stand in the way of your decor. Hang a pair of floating shelves at staggering angles on a blank wall and fill them with various frames and pretty china patterns. To make the display pop, paint the shelves a contrasting color.

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    Quick Change

    Switch out your artwork frequently with this easy approach. Simply hang a grouping of prints on walls with thumbtacks, which also lends a more casual vibe than standard framed prints.

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    Soothing Solution

    Prevent a blank wall from looking stark and empty by filling it with a collection of small prints. Soft landscapes like these ones look soothing placed against a soft blue wall. To create a cohesive composition, search for prints of similar sizes and arrange the frames in a grid pattern on the wall.

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    DIY Artwork

    High-impact decorating on a budget has never been easier. These pieces were made with nothing more than a couple canvases and metal repair tape. To create these shiny DIY works of art, cut the metal repair tape with scissors and adhere in geometric patterns to the canvases. The silver material stands out against cool blue walls and fits in perfectly with the other silver accessories and decor elsewhere in the room.

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    Stick to the Theme

    Dress up a bare area with variations on a single decorating theme. The small print hanging directly above the desk was the inspiration for this bird-theme desk space. A large painting above the shelf draws attention to the space and ties together the whole look.

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    Headboard Art

    Use framed prints to fill up blank space on the wall behind a bed, an arrangement that doubles as a headboard. To create this gridlike look, use square black frames and hang them close together, leaving about 2-3 inches between the frame edges.

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    Upper Gallery

    Create a gallery of frames above a large window or along the soffit above kitchen cabinets. Use matching frames for your collection and fill with favorite snapshots and fun prints. If you have a colorful space, try a collection of black-and-white images. Or if your space leans more neutral, like this breakfast nook, opt for an assortment of colorful artwork.

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    Art of Grandeur

    A single piece of art can be the solution for an entire blank wall -- especially if it's a dramatic size, like this floor-to-ceiling printed canvas stretched around a frame. To make your own oversize artwork, stretch fabric around a canvas frame, available at crafts stores.

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    Doubled Wall Art

    Combine two types of wall art -- shadowboxes and plates -- for a distinctive way to dress up a blank wall. Line the shadowboxes with colorful papers or fabrics, then mount coordinating plates inside the boxes with a strong adhesive.

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    Repurposed Art

    Give an old serving tray new life as a unique piece of wall art. This round serving tray adds a decorative touch to a bedside area with its pretty design and complementary color scheme.

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    Bright Spot

    Introduce a new color to a space with brightly hued picture mats. These yellow matted prints bring attention to the bed, casting it as the bedroom's focal point. The yellow mats serve as a vivid contrast to the purple-hue bedroom. For a polished look, repeat the mat's hue somewhere else in the room.

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    Books as Art

    Round up a collection of worn or unreadable books with fun covers. Remove the covers and hang them in frames for a literary-theme wall art installation. Or, if you want to keep the books intact, scan the covers and print on photo paper.

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    Wall Letters

    Hop on the typography trend and use letters to create an artsy arrangement. Use a variety of sizes, colors, and materials. Try combining prints with three-dimensional letters arranged in shadow boxes. For an extra dose of style, include one striking large letter to balance several smaller pieces.

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    Gallery Shelf

    An expansive floating shelf adds character to a blank wall. Layer framed prints or pictures and favorite accessories along the shelf. If you have a larger wall, hang several shelves and stagger their heights.

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    Do-It-Yourself Artwork

    Make your own unique wall art piece with candleholders by arranging them in a grid on a wall. These holders have a small hole in the bottom so they can hang from a nail with the base flush against the wall.

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    Art by Theme

    Dress up your walls with variations on a single theme. Pick a subject or motif you love and repeat it in a collection of paintings, prints, needlepoints, and more. If you crave a little continuity, frame all your pieces in the same style of frame.

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    Kids' Gallery

    Add a touch of childhood whimsy to any room in your home by framing your children's artwork. Hanging the items in high-traffic areas will make kids feel special, and by choosing traditional gallery-inspired frames, the artwork will blend easily with its surroundings.

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    Reflective Artwork

    Looking for a quick but stunning way to fill up a blank wall? Try an oversize mirror. This once-dull corner comes to life with a large mirror in a bright blue frame. The mirror adds style to the room and reflects light around the space, making it feel larger.

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    Reflective Series

    For a lighter alternative to a large mirror, group several smaller mirrors together. The result is a subtle yet stunning wall arrangement. Use frameless mirrors in different shapes such as the ones pictured for a sophisticated cottage look.

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    Just For Kids

    Add a gallery installation to your living room using nothing more than magnetic paint and wood trim. Section off a wall portion and paint it with the magnetic paint; then top with a coat of paint in the color of your choice. (We chose a hue slightly darker than the rest of the wall.) Let kids hang their latest creations from the wall with fun magnets. Incorporate a few framed pieces to make the space look cohesive.

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    Symmetrical Arrangement

    Create a picture-perfect plate arrangement on your walls with a little bit of prep work. Trace the items you plan to hang onto paper. Cut out the shapes and tape to the wall in different arrangements until you get the perfect combination.

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    Filling the Space

    Have you found the perfect piece of artwork but discovered it doesn't fill the wall space the way you'd like it to? Pair it with smaller paintings to make the arrangement feel more robust. By itself, this larger print was a little too small to adequately fill the expanse of wall in this entryway. By placing two smaller paintings on each side of the print, the arrangement is in proportion to the wall space surrounding it.

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    Repeat With Variation

    Love a particular pattern or motif? Give it prominence in your wall art, but add a little zip with slight variations. Here, lattice prints in four different pattern variations and background colors were combined to create one arrangement. Matching frames unite the prints for a casual yet sophisticated look.

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    Basket Art

    For a casual cottage look, hang shallow wicker baskets along a wall as artwork. Here, the woven baskets add texture to the wall, and the natural material pops against cool blue walls.

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    Go Antiquing

    Search antique stores and flea markets for old finds to frame into one-of-a-kind artwork. Consider classic finds such as quilts, vintage cross-stitch, or watercolors to add some fab flair to your walls.

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    Plywood Perfection

    To create this unique look, cover your plain walls with large sheets of plywood. Then add a collage of frames in various sizes, shapes, and colors to complete the look.

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    Pack It In

    Fill blank wall space with a tight arrangement of eclectic artwork. To keep the wall from looking cluttered and random, make sure the artwork has a similar feel like all of these paintings.

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    Monochromatic Molding

    Dress up plain walls with trimwork. For a subtle yet stunning approach, paint the trim the same color as your walls. Start with a chair rail, installed about 3 feet up the wall from the floor, then add additional squares and rectangles in a repeating pattern.

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    Vintage Posters

    For a classic country look, search local flea markets for vintage posters like these. For a simple framing technique, use poster hangers that allow the piece to simply slide into the frame, and hang the unit up by a ribbon.


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