Decorating for autumn is arguably one of the most fun things you can do in your home. Whether you favor a neutral palette or you're a fan of fun and vivid fall colors, creating a small vignette that can evolve as the season progresses is the perfect way to bring autumn into your home.

By Nina Hendrick
October 05, 2016

This autumn bookcase vignette is neutral enough to stand the test of time. The use of antiques gives the shelves an interesting, curated feel. A wheat photograph and seasonal painting hint at autumn without being obvious. This is the perfect fall decorating style if you are just beginning to get ready for the season!

2. Pumpkin Kitchen Shelves

This kitchen shelf vignette combines everyday coffee-cart essentials and natural greenery with sweetly colorful pumpkins. This just goes to show that decorating doesn't have to be complicated or loud to be beautiful, as this simple vignette captures the eye in its own humble way.

3. Natural Entryway Display

This lovely and simple vignette showcases the vivid beauty of nature by highlighting changing autumn clippings in an otherwise neutral display. Creating decor from things that can be found right outside in your yard is one of our favorite ways to celebrate this season!

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4. Bright Faux Mantel

So you don't have a fireplace? Create a faux mantel instead! This light and bright vignette has all the touches of an autumn fireplace display without an actual fire. This allows for a charming setup of fall floor decor. The natural elements add seasonal texture and hint of cooler weather on its way!

5. Muted Rustic Orchard Buffet

This vignette capitalizes on the mirror's reflection to create an interesting display. Wood pieces alongside apples and flowers with toned-down colors hint at the end of summer and beginning of autumn. The best part is that all of these decor elements can be found easily and in abundance in the fall.

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