Creative Ways to Display Antiques and Collectibles

Show off your treasured collectible items with these simple ideas. Our tips and tricks will move your vintage collectibles out of storage and into display.

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    Family Memories

    A postcard rack ensures that family memories are always close at hand. A simple spin will take you down memory lane without having to break out the giant, dusty photo albums hidden in the attic. Plus, it's easy to switch out the displayed photos as the seasons change. Come December, for example, swap out the family Halloween pictures for tokens of Christmases past. 

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    Show Off

    Create an art gallery in your home with vintage art or posters. Gallery walls look great almost anywhere, but for optimal impact, display your art in a high-traffic area like a hallway, staircase, or the living room. Use kraft paper to map out the perfect spot for each piece before hanging it.

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    New Life

    Put your vintage finds to work. Old soda tins turn into unique display boxes with minimal effort. Place planters on the front porch, or if you're worried about damage from the elements, use the tins to house indoor plants. 

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    Travel On

    Avid travelers, listen up! Displaying your vintage suitcase collection couldn't be easier. Place them in a shelving unit with other collectibles from your travels. And remember to use the suitcases as storage space—they're perfect for housing extra linens and throws. 

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    Sand Savvy

    Treasure vacation memories by displaying your beachy mementoes. Line cabinets with Mason jars filled with your sand and shells, then top off each jar with a tag or label. You'll be able to relive years of honeymoons, family vacations, and more with this simple reminder. 

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    Treasure Shelves

    Bulky collectibles—like typewriters, vintage sewing machines, and this gold microscope—make great bookends. Nestle a few of your favorite reads between treasures, and you've got a chic, easy display case idea. 

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    Jeweled Keepsakes

    Precious jewelry deserves special treatment. Transform a basic frame into a DIY jewelry rack by inserting a mesh sheet between the frame panels. Then attach earrings, necklaces, brooches, and more.

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    Chic Cameras

    Placing items on a shelf is usually business as usual. But when a collection is paired with the exact-right vessel, the end result is wow-worthy. Antique cameras are the perfect passengers for this unique bookcase. With its tiny cubbies, odd shelf dimensions, and unusual spaces, this bookshelf is just as memorable as the collection it holds.

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    Stamp It

    Don't hide stamp collections in boxes. Frame them into a unique piece of art instead. With this display case, you'll be able to see your entire collection at once. Plus, it's a guaranteed conversation-starter. To best protect the stamps, include a glass cover when framing. 

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    Sporty Surprise

    Pay homage to a favorite pastime by hanging vintage sporting goods on the wall. Most hallways lack style, so spice yours up with vintage skiing equipment. Just make sure that whatever you display is shallow—otherwise someone may bump into it.

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    Vintage Canisters

    Old school cookie tins and canisters can be extremely intricate. Their beauty is often enough to stand alone. Place them on a vintage cart, or march them across the top of your kitchen cabinets

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    Old-School Style

    Clothes don't deserve to sit in a closet. Exhibit a favorite dress or outfit full-time with a mannequin. You'll be able to show off your coveted vintage finds without worrying about the sweat and stains that come with wearing clothing. Just keep the antique display case out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. 

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    Out-of-the-Ordinary Display

    The bathroom may seem like an odd place for displaying collectibles, but don't take it out of the running. A line of vintage wood animals sits atop this bathroom shelf, setting an adorable and classic theme. Make sure whatever collectibles you keep in the bath are able to withstand humidity—so avoid photos, fabrics, and any expensive items. 

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