The Art of Storing Collectibles

Show off your collectibles instead of stowing them away in the attic. Check out these 12 ways to display your treasures.

Easy-to-Make Beach Box

What it is: A beach memorabilia box, the ideal container for capturing seaside memories.

How to make it: Inside the treasure-chest-style box, divided compartments hold pictures, seashells, and other memorabilia.

Custom-Built, Simple Shelves

What it is: Custom-built shelves designed to display treasures far too special to be stored in an attic or box.

How to make it: Cut four 6-x-1-inch planks to fit the length of a wall. Paint and show off your display collections.

Easy-to-Assemble Shelves

What it is: A stacked storage unit designed to show off the things you love.

How to make it: Screw together two shelf units (or cube shelves), backing the bottom unit with plywood and leaving the other open.

Make a Window Seat Desk

What it is: A window repurposed into a desk shelving unit.

How to make it: Screw an unused window pane to a simple desk to create a unifying backdrop for a mass of cottage-style frames and floral paintings.

Ticket Clutter Buster

What it is: A clever way to avoid clutter by arranging tickets from special events.

How to make it: In a flatware box, construct custom dividers with foam core board to keep items in place.

Clean Gallery Exhibit

What it is: An open space ideal for a gallery-style display for modern art.

How to make it: Frame open space with wood and build shelves that lie flush in the wall.

Fast Floral Frame Up

What it is: A hanging wall ledge designed to display your tray collections in a neat and tidy way.

How to make it: Hang the easy-to-install shelves, available in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes. Buy assorted or the same sizes and hang them directly above one another or staggered.

Basic Bulletin Board Window

What it is: A flea market find like this double-hung window turned into a super-size bulletin board.

How to make it: Measure the window, buy a piece of corkboard to fit the dimensions, and insert it where the glass once was. To make the bulletin board sturdier, back it with a piece of plywood.

Simple Patriotic Presentation

What it is: A rustic wood medicine cabinet repurposed to show off your patriotic collection (and spirit).

How to make it: Repurpose an outdated cupboard or medicine cabinet to display your patriot collection. Clean it thoroughly (you may also need to sand or paint it), hang it on the wall, and display to your heart's content.

In-a-Cinch Shelving Unit

What it is: Wasted space transformed into a useful storage display.

How to make it: Assemble and install a shelving unit that fits snugly between two windows for a built-in look. Install wooden dowels 3 inches above each shelf to keep plates standing up.

Vacation Souvenir Box

What it is: A place to keep vacation souvenirs neatly and in the spotlight.

How to make it: Souvenirs from a trip to Washington, D.C., are kept neatly in a mahogany box originally designed to hold flatware. The dividers that come with the box are handy for keeping small items in check.

Simple Slatboard Wall Display

What it is: As seen in retail stores, this slatboard also looks great at home.

How to make it: Cut slatboard, available in 4-x-8-foot sheets, into basic shapes and mount to a wall for storing, stashing, and displaying a variety of items.

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