Pillow Arranging and Styling Tips

How to Arrange Bed Pillows
It's not a secret that accent pillows are an easy way to add personality to the design of your living spaces and bedrooms. In case you're looking to refresh your collection, here are 16 tricks of the trade to give you a soft and stylish place to lay back and relax.

Greek Key Design

The Greek key motif has been a mainstay in design for centuries. Put this bold pattern to work in your own home by layering it with your favorite solid pillows or geometric textiles. In the end, it will act as the perfect finishing touch to frame your sofa pillow arrangement.

Image: Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

The Asymmetrical Look

Take a bold step and go asymmetrical with your pillow arrangement. Break up paired sets and make every pillow different, varying the patterns, sizes, and shapes. Even though the final result is eclectic, still look for way to unify your ensemble, such as a shared color scheme.

Image: 6th Street Design School

A Faux Headboard with Pillows

If your bed doesn't have a traditional headboard, one simple way to fake the look is with a collection of thoughtfully scaled pillows. Place oversized pillows in the back against the wall, and then layer progressively smaller pillows and accent pillows on top as you work your way to the front of the arrangement.

Image: The Inspired Room

Layers of Textures

Color palette is clearly paramount when pairing pillows, yet texture also is something to keep in mind. Despite the fact that this couch features two statement prints -- a floral and an animal print -- the solid velvet pillow almost steals the show thanks to its textural finish.

Image: Cuckoo 4 Design

Color Palette Matters

When a pillow ensemble lacks cohesion, often times the culprit is poor color flow. To solve the issue, look for pillows that are united by a key color. Here, a citrus green geometric pillow feels right at home beside a floral print, which features the same shade of green in the leaves.

Image: What's Ur Home Story

Layer Metallics

The way glass vases and gold-leafed objects lend shimmer to bookcases and mantels, pillows with a metallic finish will bring sparkle to your sofa or bed. Incorporate pillows that coordinate with the metallic finishes you're using elsewhere in the room.

Image: Lovely Indeed

A Solid, a Floral, and a Print

If formulas are your favorite way to design, try this one on for size. Search out a solid, a floral, and a geometric print. Pull colors from the multicolored floral print to inspire a cohesive color scheme throughout the trio.

Image: Happiness Is Creating

Try Bold Tones

Bold colors are another sure-fire way to bring interest and elegance to your pillow arrangement. These types of rich, saturated colors are best in rooms that feature a neutral palette everywhere else, such as in the upholstered furniture or bedding, and the wall color.

Image: Kristi Murphy

The Single Statement Pillow

Sometimes all you really need is a single standout, statement pillow to make the space come together. For this styling option, go for a pillow that features a range of colors that pull from the larger elements of the space, like patterned lampshades, paint colors, and your rug.

Image: Burlap + Blue

Grouping of Geometric Prints

Geometric prints are those types of magical patterns that almost always go together, especially when mixed together in a collection of throw pillows. As with any pairing, keep the color palette cohesive throughout and limited to two or three patterns to successfully nail this look.

Image: Homey Oh My!

A Trio of Throw Pillows

When it comes to bed pillows, it's often best to work in odd numbers. Here, a trio of throw pillows crowns a set of shams, and is just enough to add an extra dose of color and character to the bed. In terms of print, try layering two identical pillows behind a single pillow in a more daring fabric choice.

Image: Up To Date Interiors

Monochromatic Moxy

A black and white color scheme is an easy way to achieve classic style when arranging pillows. One thing to keep in mind: prints filled with saturated black tend to read a little bolder than white, so you may want to use mostly black pillows sparingly if the look starts to feel a little overwhelming.

Image: Bliss At Home

Incorporating Stuffed Animals

Don't feel held back by the traditional boxy shape of most throw pillows. In kid's rooms or playrooms, plush stuffed animals do the work just as well, and add a dose of texture, color and personality.

Image: Iron & Twine

Pair Them Up

Sometimes a simple arrangement is best and lets the pillow designs do the talking. Place a pair of identical pillows on one end of your sofa or on your bed and a pair of identical pillows. After all, there's almost nothing more natural or classic about a pretty matching set of pillows.

Image: Francois et Moi

With the foundation of a basic bedding set, you can dress up your bed in any number of ways with pillows, throws, and more. Here are three ways that get the combination right, and they all start with the same bedding essentials.

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No-Fail Formula

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