Dress up a sofa, chair, or bed using a throw blanket. We'll show you the folding tricks you need to know for a perfectly styled display.

Throw blankets are a great accessory for adding color and texture to a sofa or chair. But how do all those blankets in home magazines look casually draped over the back of the couch just right? The following folding methods range from tailored to casual, so you can pick one that suits your style. With a little practice, these tricks can help you create a warm and cozy living room, den, or bedroom perfect for curling up in.

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Tidy Blanket Folding Method

For an orderly look, fold your throw blanket in thirds lengthwise. Next, fold the length of the throw blanket in half. You should now have a tidy rectangle. Lay your folded throw blanket over one corner of a sofa or chair, smoothing it out if needed. Place a throw pillow or two in front if desired.

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Flip-and-Flop Folding Method

For a look that feels more casual, start by folding a throw blanket in half vertically, matching up the corners. Then, flip it in half over your forearm and simply flop it over the corner of a sofa or chair. Arrange blanket edges and pillows as desired.

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Pinch-and-Toss Blanket Folding Method

For an effortless look, fold the throw in half vertically again, but this time, pinch the middle fold and toss it onto the area of furniture you want to cover. With a snappy flick of the wrist, it will land where you want it. If you're satisfied with the placement, leave it as-is and add pillows, if on a sofa. If you don't like how it looks, you can always pick it up and toss your throw blanket again!

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How to Fold a Throw Blanket for Your Bed

While the pinch-and-toss method works for sofas, chairs, and beds, alike, some prefer a tidier solution when it comes to bedroom throw blankets. Start by folding it in thirds lengthwise. Next, align your throw blanket with the foot of your bed, draping the ends over the sides of your bed as needed. Make sure the blanket is centered so both ends hang evenly across the bed. Alternatively, you can drape your folded blanket across one corner of your bed at a diagonal.

Bedroom with wicker basket and light on wall
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How to Store Throw Blankets

If you own multiple throw blankets, or you prefer to sleep without one, you'll need a storage solution for those not in use. Large baskets make the perfect vessel for storing throw blankets. Simply roll or fold your blanket then place inside. For a tidy look, opt for a lidded basket. For a bit of laid-back style, pull a corner of your throw blanket out of an open basket.

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Better Homes & Gardens Member
July 15, 2018
I want to make a poster of this article, and hang it in my home! I like the grab the corner, and shake, then drape over the arm of a chair, or sofa. It is called a 'throw' after all. I have some really nice, seasonal throws.They have scenes, or central designs on them. So, I like to have the center show. But, inevitably, guests arrive, and someone has taken the throw, nearly foods it, and hangs it in the middle of my couch. If I wanted that look, I would get a copy of the one on the Roseann show! And, I am sure, that person, and it happens with varying groups, thinks they are tidying for messy me. I have even walked over, and redid the throw look. To no avail. It keeps happening. Thanks for showing that a thr