How to Display Books

While reading books on electronic devices is growing in popularity, showing off a collection of tangible books never goes out of style. Not only are they fun to curl up with on a rainy night, books also bring color, warmth, and personality to a room. Here are a few ways to use books creatively throughout the home.

A simple open-backed shelving unit filled with books could be a useful and charming room divider. Whether you are dividing office space, a bedroom, an entry and living room, or a kitchen and dining space, open shelves filled with books will offer the illusion of a separate space without completely closing it off visually. The open shelves allow light to flow through to both sides of the room and provide storage at the same time.

Books paired with decorative accents in the bedroom bring personality and interest even in small spaces throughout your home. In this bedroom, books and accessories on built-in shelving make a useful and graphic headboard in a small space.

Off-season or nonworking fireplaces are the perfect spot for stacks of books. Give the books a fresh look by turning them backwards or wrapping the covers in white or pattered paper. Stacking the books both vertically and horizontally will give even more visual punch. You can also stack books on the mantel in a similar fashion.

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A perfect formula for a well-styled coffee table is books paired with accessories and a plant. A stack of books will help bring more importance and impact to a vase or small object.

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