How to Decorate with Pictures

One of the best ways to express your personality and style at home is through a collection of pictures! The creative options for displays are endless. Start with these fun ideas for decorating with pictures.

An unmatched assortment of pictures, art, and mementos brings an informal free-spirited feel to a space. If careful measuring and buying matching frames isn't your thing, this just might be the look for you. One of the keys to success with this type of eclectic gallery wall is to simply repeat a couple of similar finishes rather than worry about everything matching. In this case, your eye is drawn to various gold and white frames or objects that are repeated in the collection. You'll notice that there is very little consistency and no apparent theme to what is on the wall or what was put inside the frames! Use what you love and don't worry too much about what matches.

For a clean and classic look, hang matching frames in a grid pattern by carefully measuring the space in between each piece. You can frame just about anything that is meaningful or pretty! If your art is not large enough for the frames you want to use, simply mount it on cardstock.

If you want a simple style with less fuss, here are a few tips to get this look. Repetition is a no-fail way to add color and personality to your space! Three matching frames with three related works of art make a big splash of style with minimal effort. Maps and wrapping paper make an affordable source of art.

Art ledges create an opportunity for an ever-evolving picture gallery. Lean and layer your family photos and even hang a few frames to mix things up. Unify the look by using black-and-white or sepia tone photos in all white frames. Paired with a nonsymmetrical layout, this look offers a happy medium between eclectic and structured style.

Love the look of a gallery wall or collection of frames, but you are short on wall space? Hang a lively splash of art or collection of family photos and memories around doors and windows!

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Melissa Michaels in the creator of The Inspired Room, a decorating blog, where she shares about her own home and what inspires her, as well as tips for decorating, organizing, cleaning, and how to love your home. She has two gallery walls she loves in her home: a picture wall above her staircase and a collection of art and mirrors in my family room.

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