Accessorize with Decorative Mirrors

Want to double everything in a room without knocking down a wall? Use mirrors to maximize a room's size and style.

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    More To It

    A large floor mirror provides a graphic piece of art and makes a room seem twice its size. Lean it against the wall to avoid hanging the heavy piece and for greater flexibility. If you want to move it, just pick it up and go.

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    Bring the Outside In

    If you want a mirror to work harder than simply reflecting back a room, look for a mirror with an unusual frame so it becomes a focal point in its own right. This one is crafted from thin tree branches.

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    In Every Nook and Cranny

    Play games with your eyes by hanging mirrors on every available surface. Here, a large, simple mirror tops the sink, but look closer. Mirrors are hung on the cabinet fronts and two mirrors are stacked on the bathroom door.

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    A Can-Do Vignette

    Highlighting a seating area is as easy as hanging a large mirror low to the ground. This balances the chairs and table and provides instant artwork to the bare wall behind it.

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    Fool Yourself

    A large mirror set above a table and chairs makes the would-have-been-awkward placement of the small work area seem spacious and appropriate.

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    Follow Proportions

    A long, horizontal mirror mimics the large window adjacent to it and complements the squat sectional and low coffee table. When you're facing a mirror dilemma, try hanging the mirror horizontally. A vertical mirror would have interrupted the eye's flow throughout this room.

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    A Different Take

    A mirrored headboard shines as it reflects the sunlight streaming into this bedroom. A round mirror layered in front and a horizontal one on top add visual interest to the scene.

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    Twice the Fun

    A symmetrical arrangement stands out for both its room-enlarging reflective qualities and its graphic simplicity.

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    High and Lofty

    High ceilings take on even greater heights when tall mirrors are propped against the wall. The angle tricks the mind into thinking the ceiling line is even higher than it is.

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    An Enlightening Display

    Double the glimmer from lit candles when you place them on a mirrored tray and surround them with framed mirrors of all shapes and sizes. Thrift stores and flea markets are great places to find vintage mirrors such as these.

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    Minimalist Cue

    Simple shapes layered on a manteltop create an uncluttered look. Try this yourself by choosing mirrors without adornment and pairing similar shapes.

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    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

    Use an oversize mirror in a small bathroom to make the space appear larger. Not only will the mirror expand the look of the bathroom, but it also provides a larger surface to look at yourself when completing your bathroom routines.

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    A Thoughtful Display

    Layering textured paper, a mirror, and a shadowbox creates a beautiful display ideal for a small collection. Consider using opposite shapes (here, and oval and square) when composing this look.

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    The Art of Reflection

    Mirrors are useful things; they help us put our best face forward when we leave the house. Simply choose a large mirror with a simple frame, such as this, to create a style statement and brighten a space. So even when there's no need to primp, you can enjoy the mirror.

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    Hearth Lights

    Think beyond the expected. A mirror above the fireplace is expected, but framed mirrors stacked on the mantel add a fresh dimension to the choice. And, in this unused fireplace, a nonbreakable mirror in the firebox reflects the light of the room and the window across, enhancing the perceived size of a small living room.

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