Feel like your home is missing some warmth? Look no further than copper. Here are four simple ways to add the shimmering metal into your current decor.

By Jennifer Stagg

While metal is usually considered cold and hard, there's one type that's warm and inviting: copper.

Think beyond your piggy bank full of pennies. For centuries copper has been a tried-and-true staple in cooking. A kitchen full of copper pots is an image associated not only with iconic cooks but also BHG's own Eddie Ross.

Copper is both practical and beautiful and can translate from the kitchen to your living room and beyond. Incorporating copper into your home is easy. Here are four simple ways to combine copper with your current decor.

Light It Up

Believe it or not, copper mixes well with just about any other type of metal, whether it be brushed nickel, polished chrome, or even gold and brass. Adding a pendant or lamp to a mostly silver room will instantly make raise the temperature of the space a few degrees. And a bonus -- it casts the most lovely glow against a bulb.

Put It on Display

Don't think a beautiful pan needs to be packed away when out of use. Why not use a copper pan as an accent on a shelf or mixed in with a bunch of colorful cookbooks? Copper candlesticks look lovely on a mantel or entry console table.

Hang It High

The most practical use for copper is cookware. No need to hide it in a cabinet. Instead, hang it on a pot rack above your island or along a wall for instant warmth and functionality.

Make a Statement

If you're ready for something bold, mix in a large copper fixture or switch out all of your hardware. Copper tones will take your space from drab to daring by making one single switch.

Easy Ways to Decorate with Copper

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July 15, 2018
I have a collection of copper tea kettles on my fireplace mantle. They are in a row, spout to back, across the back of the mantle. I picked them up in yard sales, flea markets, and online. They give a subtle glow to the mantle. Especially since they are in the backround. The most I paid for one was under $20. My favorite part use are tea parties, so I already have a theme in place