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These days, coffee tables play host to far more than just your favorite cup of Joe. So we asked our favorite bloggers and stylists to weigh in on the secret formula to nailing a look that feels fresh, intentional and—above all—liveable.

Add Pops of Color

Thanks to the versatility and impermanence of coffee table accessories, you can really feel free to go bold here. Try adding a dose of color in the books you stack up, the vases you put in place and in the florals you set out, either on special occasions or just because.

Image: Handmade Mood

Add style to your coffee table with a just-right arrangement. With a mix of accessories, books, and flowers, and our favorite arranging tips, you can create a magazine-worthy tablescape.

Quick Styling

The beauty of coffee table styling is that it's a quick update. Watch and see how it can be done in as little as 30 seconds!

Stack Things Up

Coffee table books have been a mainstay in home styling. What makes them such a classic choice? They add much-needed height to the rest of the objects on your coffee table, and also bring in a dose of color that can be switched out on a whim.

Image: Bliss at Home

Levels Are Extra Interesting

Don't forget to consider height. When all of the accessories on a coffee table are on the same level, the overall look tends to feel forced. Use a variety of objects -- some tall, some short -- to give the table a naturally collected vibe.

Image: I Don't Know How She Does It

Put It in a Tray

If your coffee table is starting to feel like a chaotic catch all, try adding a large tray that takes up about 1/3 of the surface area. This clearly denotes the display space and leaves the rest of the table looking clean and organized.

Image: Lark & Linen, Photographer: Heidi Lau 

Don't Neglect The Bottom Shelf

If your living room table sports a bonus lower shelf, don't let it collect dust. Make the most of the extra square footage by tucking away family photo albums, a box for the remotes and any other odds and ends that don't deserve the limelight up top.

Image: The Hunted Interior

Stick To A Color Palette

A sure fire way to give order and sophistication to your coffee table styling is through a unified color palette. Keep objects all within a similar color tone or color family, and the pieces instantly feel at-home and in harmony with one another.

Image: My Paradissi

Add Natural Elements

Natural elements are an easy way to add panache to your coffee table. Incorporate things like rocks, pieces of sculptural driftwood, or -- when all else fails -- a big vase of fresh flowers, to up the homey vibe of your space.

Image: Sarah M. Doresy Designs

Create Zones Throughout

Zones are a clear-cut way of giving order to your coffee table styling. Use things like books, bowls and trays to lie out distinct areas, almost like a grid, and put a little separation between objects. This leaves the rest of the table wide open for occasional things, like glasses of water and the television remote.

Image: Hi Sugarplum!

Circular Tables Count

Avoid the myth that your table needs to be boxy to make the cut. A round table is easy to maneuver around and offers a unique silhouette that nicely frames anything that you place, stack or arrange on top.

Image: Style Within Reach

Super Size Your Table

Coffee table styling can quickly feel forced if the surface area of the table itself is lacking. If your living room allows, go with a coffee table that is 2/3 the size of your couch, that way you have plenty of space to add magazines, plants, remotes and other decorative and everyday objects.

Image: Inspired by Charm

Soothing Whites Add Visual Relief

In small spaces, coffee table styling can quickly add unnecessary visual clutter to the room. Instead, think minimally with your accessories and keep most of the objects within a clean, bright white color palette.

Image: Oleander + Palm

Architectural Finial Decor

As you may have picked up, almost anything goes when it comes to coffee table decor. This is a great place for your more prized conversation pieces, so think outside the box. You could use anything from decorative architectural finals, to antique silver urns to ground the look.

Image: Dimples & Tangles

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