Zigzagging chevron patterns are all the rage. Valued for its sense of movement, ever-dynamic chevron makes a splash as ultra-cool fabrics, punchy paint treatments, captivating backsplashes, and fetching floors. These fresh and fashionable ideas will inspire you to weave charismatic chevron into your decorating schemes.

By Ann Wilson

Although used sparingly, chevron fabrics truly shine in this luxuriously layered bedroom. They stand out as an upholstered cornice that draws attention to the grass-cloth-clad ceiling and as navy blue and purple pillows that brighten the top of the bed.

Arresting Anchor

Make chevron the star of a room by pairing it with laid-back furnishings and textural accessories that won't compete with the jazzy pattern. Furnishings with neutral hues, muted patterns, and solid blocks of color peacefully coexist with a vivacious chevron area rug. Although each accessory and furniture piece in this space provides an interesting silhouette or texture, they step back to let the chevron rug shine.

Creative Thinking

Seeking color inspiration? Start with chromatic chevron drapery fabric and carry its brilliant hues into the center of your room. A dramatic window treatment supplies the foundation for this living room's distinctive purple, gold, and hot pink palette. Check out the cowhide area rug: It repeats the chevron pattern of the curtains but in a much quieter way.

Interest Underfoot

Herringbone-pattern floors mirror the movement of chevron but are easier to install because board ends don't need to be cut at an angle. This floor's rustic boards run perpendicular to adjacent boards, but thanks to the mix of stained finishes, the pattern appears to be composed of the continuous zigzags typical of chevron designs.

Style in Motion

Wallpaper boasting broad chevrons supplies a spirited backdrop that plays well with the colors and furnishings in this eclectic bedroom. It rounds out the trio of light, midtone, and dark grays that pop on the nightstands, plush bench, comforter, and lamps. Rich brown furniture and flashy red accessories add layers of warmth that balance the chillier gray and white hues.

Appliqued Artistry

Chevron isn't limited to living rooms. Apply the pattern to a marble tile backsplash using pearlescent accent tiles. A similar look can be achieved by alternating vertical rows of different colors of tiles with angled ends and installing them in a continuous zigzag pattern. Stretching out the central section of each chevron gives the overall pattern a more progressive outlook.

Color Coordinated

Repeating the same chevron fabric in different applications in a single room amplifies the pattern's impact. These homeowners opted for a chevron fabric that takes its color cue from the red figures flitting across the wallpaper's white background. Although the shower curtain is a showstopper, it's the window shade's tidily aligned chevron pattern that steals the show.

Bold Appeal

Although smaller in application than the surrounding graphic wall treatment, the chevron fabric covering this chair cushion still makes a striking statement. When rendered in black and white, chevron takes a dramatic turn that suits formal interiors. Oversize chevrons that appear as wall treatments complement eclectic and contemporary spaces.

Shift Toward Neutral

Snazzy chevron fabrics add stylish pattern to a window seat in a contemporary kitchen. Although the upholstery fabric is lively, its neutral tones allow the homeowner to pile on an array of vibrant patterned pillows that can be switched out when a change of style is desired.

The Right Amount

Chevron can make a room appear too busy (even downright chaotic) if applied without forethought or restraint. These homeowners did it right, presenting chevron in its most appealing light. Framed by greige crown molding and paneled wainscoting, the chevron wallpaper provides plenty of pizzazz without disrupting the office's peaceful atmosphere.

Focus on Fun

Dramatically arranged chevrons bring new life to a tired wall. They turn an ordinary partition into an unconventional feature that matches the homeowners' eccentric design vision. These painted chevrons work especially well because the background color is the same as the adjoining walls. The ebony chevrons pick up on the darker door, floor, and furnishings to create a cohesive view.

Pattern Perfection

Look to the ceiling for a new chevron application. This perky painted pendant light boasts a chevron pattern made with irregular wide and narrow chevrons. Create a similar look by painting a fixture (or any surface) the lightest color in your color palette and let it dry. Use painter's tape that's the desired width of your white chevrons, and apply the tape in rows of continuous Ms. Fill in between the tape strips with a darker color paint. Voila! Hand-painted chevron patterns.

Multifaceted Design

A little cottage, a bit contemporary, and a tad classic, chevron is a versatile pattern that complements most decorating styles. Here, up-to-date citron, sunny yellow, and deep turquoise blend with neutral tones in an irregular chevron pattern to give transitional chairs a thoroughly modern appearance. The chevron furniture, which stands as a focal point in the mostly white space, supplies inspiration for flashy accessories that brighten a nearby bookcase and tabletop.

Cheerful Companion

Unlike herringbone patterns, where rectangular shapes meet on the perpendicular, chevron patterns run point to point in a continuous zigzag design. This vibrant chevron comforter captivates attention, introduces fun colors, and, because of its easy-on-the-eye zigzags, partners beautifully with textiles sporting geometric, floral, and abstract motifs.

Interest Piqued

When presented in bold colors, chevron patterns demand more than a fair share of attention. They can look like ascending mountain peaks, stacked Ms, upside-down Vs, or even abstract artworks. This door appeals on all levels. Sunny yellow chevrons pop amid gray stripes on this painted door that previews the adjacent bedroom's color palette.

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