Basket Walls Are All Over Instagram—Here's How to Get the Look

Try this low-cost solution for large-scale art.

Blank walls can pose a daunting design dilemma, especially if you're trying to stick to a budget. One low-cost solution that's anything but low impact: basket walls. With nearly 17,000 posts under #basketwalls on Instagram, we've had our eyes on this trend for a while now. Our favorite iterations feature baskets with graphic weave designs hung in an asymmetrical arrangement. And finding them is easy. Search for affordable options in a variety of shapes and sizes at your favorite home retailer or secondhand for as little as 99 cents.

This budget-friendly, boho take on gallery walls brings natural texture and interesting pattern to your space. Simply group similar objects together to create one large art statement, as blogger Dabito of Old Brand New did with these African Binga baskets. Here's how to upgrade that blank wall in your living space with an eye-catching arrangement.

vase with leaves on sideboard against wooden decor on wall
Paul Costello

How to Create a Basket Wall

To nail this decorating trend, look for baskets with interesting woven patterns or color-blocked designs. Supplement with inexpensive thrift store or flea market finds, or incorporate unused baskets you already have lying around the house. Choose an assortment of sizes and textures (seagrass, rattan, rope) to give the display dimension.

Wicker chair with woven baskets on wall
Nicolas Gourguechon

Start with your largest basket (or the one with the most interesting design) and use that as the focal point for your arrangement. Group baskets together in an asymmetrical arrangement, overlapping some of the edges if desired.

To mount the baskets to the wall, look for an opening in the weave at the base of the basket. Then, hammer a small nail through it. If you're worried about damaging the basket by nailing through it, tie a loop of string through the top edge of the basket and hang the loop from a nail. Alternatively, you can secure them to the wall by placing adhesive picture-hanging strips ($8, Walmart) on the bottom of each basket for an easily changeable (and removable) display.

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