14 Bar Cart Ideas to Copy for a Stylish Entertaining Station

colorful artwork tequila straws alcohol
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Bar carts serve as stylish yet hardworking hubs for entertaining. In addition to stowing beverages, they can also showcase your personality through colorful accessories, artwork, and more. Learn how to style your beverage station with these beautiful bar cart ideas.

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Bar Cart Decorating Ideas

gold bar cart plant fruit bowl
Jason Donnelly

Stock your bar cart with a mix of practical serving essentials and stylish accessories. A stack of books or framed artwork, for example, can introduce a personal touch among all the bottles and glassware. Bring in potted plants or a vase of flowers to add height and freshness.

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Bar Cart Styles

Dark blue wall next to bar cart
Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Bar carts come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and finishes. Choose a design that ties in with the overall style of the room. Tucked into a corner of the dining room, this small gold bar cart stands out against deep navy walls and mimics the finish of gold-framed mirrors and wall art.

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Focal-Point Bar Cart

colorful artwork tequila straws alcohol
Jay Wilde

Introduce large-scale decorating elements to make your bar cart a focal point of the room. Here, vibrant modern art draws eyes toward a vintage brass bar cart. Against white walls and window treatments, the beverage station stands out as a fun, colorful accent.

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Stocking a Bar Cart

bar cart alcohol drinks
Greg Dupree

A bar cart is only as good as the beverages it stows. When entertaining, ensure your cart is equipped with something to suit every palette. Start with at least one bottle of each of the basic spirits (vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, and tequila), then add in a few aperitifs, mixers, and non-alcoholic options to provide guests with a wide selection.

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Vintage Bar Cart

Liquor cart flower artwork candle stick
David Tsay

Use bar cart decorating ideas to reflect your personal style. This brushed-brass bar cart is lined with vintage glassware and antique candlesticks along with a wide selection of cocktail-making ingredients. The accessories reflect the eclectic style established by flea-market artwork and vintage cane-back chairs.

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Blue and Gold Bar Cart Ideas

golden bar cart orchid blue
Adam Albright

Establish a color scheme to give your bar cart a cohesive look. This beverage station sticks to a palette of blue, turquoise, and gold, which is showcased through glassware, bowls, dish towels, and cocktail-making tools. The wall art and striped area rug bring in additional shades of blue and help define the entertaining zone.

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Colorful Bar Cart Ideas

gin limes decorated bar cart
Peter Krumhardt

If your bar cart doesn't have much space for extra accessories, bring in color through practical items. A bowl of freshly cut fruit or a plate of olives provides ready-made garnishes while adding a splash of color to your setup. Shop the liquor store with aesthetics in mind, choosing spirits and mixers with brightly colored bottles in interesting shapes.

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Bar Cart Accessories

Prada pink gold bar cart lamp
Brie Williams

The right accessories can transform a basic bar cart into a focal point. This vintage cart takes on a glam look with a modern table lamp, gold-framed artwork, and polka-dot napkins. Hot pink repeats across the accessories to tie the look together.

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Outdoor Bar Cart Ideas

herbs wooden bar cart outdoor water
Victoria Pearson

Wheel a bar cart outside to kick your outdoor gatherings up a notch. Use trays to prevent items from falling over, and add an outdoor lantern in the event your party continues after dark. Containers planted with herbs and a pair of pruning shears allow guests to customize their cocktails with a freshly cut garnish.

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Bar Cart Organization

rolling gold bar cart pink glasses
Erin Kunkel

Organize your bar cart with ease of use in mind. To simplify cocktail-pouring, keep liquor bottles and mixers on the top shelf. Glasses and pitchers are best stored on a lower shelf where they're out of the way and less likely to get knocked over. Drape a towel over one side so you can easily mop up spills, and keep coasters handy so guests have somewhere to set their drinks.

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Bar Cart Makeover Ideas

blue bar cart artwork pink
Max Kim-Bee

You can often find inexpensive bar carts at thrift stores, flea markets, and online resale shops. Look for one with good bones, and don't fret about a worn or imperfect finish. Fresh paint can easily cover the old wood or metal surface; just be sure the properly prep the surface before painting to ensure a lasting finish.

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Simple Bar Cart Decor

olives alcohol ice bucket
Annie Schlechter

Avoid overcrowding your bar cart by sticking with a few well-placed accessories. This gold and glass bar cart gets its retro-modern personality from a chrome martini shaker, funky-shaped glassware, and a sleek black table lamp. A small vase of flowers repeats the bold red and green that appears in the artwork that hangs above.

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Bar Cart Glassware

outside alcohol cart pink glasses
David Land

Colorful glassware makes sipping a cocktail feel extra special. Stock your bar cart with iconic coupe glasses or tumblers that showcase favorite hues. Complement your glassware with napkins, fresh flowers, and other accessories in similar tones for added flair.

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Mobile Wine Station

simple industrial rolling bar cart
Michael Partenio

Tailor your bar cart ideas to your style of entertaining. If you typically prefer wine to a cocktail, stock a shelf with your favorite bottles. A tray will help keep wine bottles upright if you need to move the cart to a different spot.

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