5 Tips for Pulling Off the Ancient Greece-Inspired Decor Trend

Use these ancient Greece-inspired decorating ideas to emulate the elegant style of this historical era in your home.

Designs from decades past have dominated decorating trends over the past few years, but accessories inspired by ancient Greece take it back even further. Maybe this new interest in the Old World is due in part to our collective sense of wanderlust after two years of pandemic living. Or perhaps it's simply the most extreme example of nostalgia driving the latest home trends. Either way, we're seeing classical motifs pop up all over the place.

According to Pinterest's 2022 trend report, searches for Greek statue art, Corinthian column, and ancient Greece aesthetic are all on the rise, and the popularity of these Hellenistic motifs is only expected to grow. Here are five stylish ways to embrace the latest Greek revival and bring classic style to your home.

red door opened to home entrance with greek bust
Brian McWeeney

1. Bring in ancient Greece-inspired accessories.

Perhaps the most iconic example of ancient Greek decor is the bust sculpture. This traditional accessory—now widely available at big-box stores as well as antique shops—provides an easy way to add classic style to a console table, bar cart, bookshelf, or coffee table. For a modern twist, opt for a Greek bust with unexpected functionality, such as one that serves as a planter or vase. A colorful coat of paint can also add a contemporary twist to this ancient accessory.

white bedroom with royal blue accent table and lamp
John Merkl

2. Go for a Greece-inspired color scheme.

The combination of deep cerulean against bright white instantly references the sun-washed buildings of the Greek islands. Add a taste of Santorini to your home with a similar color palette. Start with a clean backdrop of white walls, then bring in bold blue accents through furniture, textiles, and accessories.

rounded doorway foyer with greek elements
Loi Thai

3. Reference ancient Greek architecture.

Columns and arches were widely used elements in ancient Greek architecture. If your home has these features, highlight them in your furniture arrangements and paint color choices. If not, nod to these architectural elements with furnishings that sport arched shapes or column-like designs. Urns, vines, and scrolls are also classic Greek motifs that are easy to incorporate through decorative items.

white bathroom with marble countertop
Adam Albright

4. Decorate with Greek key patterns.

The Greek key pattern, known as a meander, is a repeating geometric motif that was used on buildings, pottery, and other items in ancient times. Often used as a decorative border, it's one of the most recognizable symbols of ancient Greece that's still popular today. Look for the motif on fabric goods, such as pillows, throws, and window treatments, or accessories like picture frames and vases to instantly add some Greek flair to any room.

greek-inspired fireplace hearth
Shaun Sullivan

5. Follow classical design rules.

Symmetry and order are key principles of classical design, and it's easy to apply these concepts in your own home. When arranging furniture and accessories, draw an invisible line down the center and aim for balance, so each side of the composition looks equal (if not identical) to the other. Using matching pieces is a simple way to achieve a symmetrical look, or you can use pieces of similar visual weight to strike an informal balance.

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