These Sculptural Candles Put a Twist on Traditional Silhouettes

Traditional tapers and pillars get a modern update with geometric silhouettes and twisted forms.

Candlesticks are about as traditional as it gets, having illuminated our homes for centuries. But recently, they've had a contemporary makeover that's put them back in the spotlight. The wax pillars now come in unique decorative forms, including swirling spiral tapers and funky geometric forms, that put a modern twist on this classic home accent.

Structural candles on a shelf with other home decor
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Sculptural candles, often featuring bold colors to highlight their artful silhouettes, seem to be popping up at retailers everywhere lately. And according to Etsy's 2020 holiday trend report, the retailer has seen an 86% increase in searches for abstract, modern, and geometric candles over the past three months compared to the same time last year.

Whether you prefer to light them or preserve them as a decorative accent, these candles make a stylish statement on fireplace mantels, dining room tables, nightstands, and more. The twisted, curvy, or angular forms serve as three-dimensional art, making them elegant additions to your everyday decor or a holiday tablescape. And since many of them are unscented, you don't have to worry about fragrance competing with your homecooked meal.

This season, trade basic straight-lined tapers and cylindrical pillars for sculptural candles to introduce cozy contemporary style to your home. Here are some of our favorite picks for uniquely shaped candles.

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Modern Neutral Candles

neutral colored geometric pillar candles on table
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Line your table with geometric candles for an easy modern centerpiece. These candles are currently available in 6-inch and 9-inch heights, which both feature angular shapes and come in indigo, buff, and nude colors. If you plan to burn them, be sure to set the candles on a small tray or plate to protect your table.

Buy It: Illume Geometric Pillar Candle ($20, Amazon)

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Spiraled Candlesticks

pink green and purple swirled taper candles
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A spiral shape turns classic taper candles into a contemporary accent. Sold in sets of three, these candles come in white, blue, pink, and purple, and you can request a mix of colors within your set. The unscented soy wax candles burn for approximately 6 hours each.

Buy It: Spiral Taper Candles, Set of Three ($26, Etsy)

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Marbled Geometric Pillar

three white marble pillar candles
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This handmade candle beautifully replicates the look of marbled stone. The white soy wax and beeswax blend is swirled with bamboo charcoal powder and gives off fragrance notes of sage, orange, and grapefruit. The candle is available in an octagonal column shape, which will burn for about 60 hours, as well as two sizes of traditional pillars.

Buy It: Marble Candle ($29, Etsy)

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Sculptural Candlesticks

multicolored geometric pillar candles
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Mix-and-match these boldly colored candles on a tray to create your own work of art. Sold separately by color, each candle set comes with three angular shapes in sizes ranging from 4 to 9 inches tall. Made from unscented paraffin wax, they're available in mossy green, burnt orange, inky blue, purple, and black.

Buy It: Totem Pillar Candles, Set of Six ($68, Food52)

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