5 Rooms Made Better By Adorable Houseplants

If it ever feels like something is missing in your space, add a few live plants into the mix. There's just something extra special about a leafy potted plant. To illustrate the point, we called on five bloggers and designers to share the corners of their homes that blossomed with the addition of carefully chosen plants. Learn how you, too, can achieve the look with houseplants of your own.

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Kimberly, the blogger behind Swoon Worthy, went all out in her casual, loungy space by incorporating live houseplants throughout. Some larger, leafier trees found their way into pots on the floor, whereas others are place in vessels on a coffee table and side table. By varying the heights of her chosen plants and spreading them around the room, Kimberly's arrangement feels organic and natural.

Hang a Wall-Mounted Planter

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Bre, the blogger behind Brepurposed, shows us that relegating plants just to your home's surfaces (think coffee tables and bookshelves) isn't a hard and fast rule. And clever creatives are taking things one step beyond store-bought hanging baskets. This DIY wall-mounted planter displays pretty potted succulents and vining varieties at eye level for maximum enjoyment.

Plop Down A Potted Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Sarah, the blogger behind Alice & Lois, was able to bridge the gap between her existing couch and a new rug, simply by adding a large-scale fiddle leaf fig tree to the arrangement. The sculptural effect of the leaves breaks up the would-be line between the couch and rug, as does the clever pot -- a repurposed wicker basket with handles.

Layer Your Leafy Plants

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Cassie, the blogger behind Primitive & Proper, gave her space a laid-back, Bohemian look by stacking mismatched flower pots. She took this casual look one step further by choosing several varieties of plants to fill the corner of her bedroom. The predominantly green color palette helps Cassie's collection of houseplants feel intentional without going over the top.

Miniature Plants with Maximum Impact

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Idle Hands Awake blogger, Marlene, made the most of the large white wall in her living room by filling the void with a collection of mounted air plants. Because these tiny houseplants don't require soil, she was able to easily mount them to tree trunk slices. Although the plants themselves are small, the wide-spread asymmetrical configuration of tree trunk slices gives the collection a wow-factor and edge.

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