Can't afford to splurge on marble countertops but want a little of the luxurious stone material in your life? Look to this roundup of marvelous marble decor. There are some amazing products that have the look of marble without the big price tag.

By Julia
August 20, 2018
Marble Duvet Cover

Let's talk about unique, shall we? This unusual marble print duvet set from Urban Outfitters is definitely not what you would expect on a bed. It is eye-catching and sure to add an unexpected layer of texture and drama to any style of bedroom.

Marble and Copper Desk Lamp

Marble Copper Lamp

This modern marble and copper desk lamp from Target is a stylish must-have for any table or desktop. It has a true solid marble base and is totally affordable under $60. Who can resist that price tag?

Marble and Gold Table

ZARA home marble table

You can never go wrong with a classic marble-top side table in your home! This chic round table from Zara Home features real marble and a simple gold-rimmed top. Paired with your favorite comfy chair and a pretty throw, the table turns any seating area into a gorgeous focal point.

Marble Flower Pot

Marble Flower Pot

Whether or not you have a green thumb, this marbleized ceramic flower pot from H&M would make any plant (real or fake) look amazing. All the more reason to add this little planter to your must-have list.

Classic Marble Tray

Waterworks Studio Luna Marble Tray

If you like to decorate, then you'll agree that you can never have enough trays in your house. That special collection should definitely include a marble tray like this rectangular design. Whether you add it to your bathroom, bedroom, or living room, the look will never go out of style and will be cherished for a lifetime. Candles on a marble tray add instant class, don't you agree?

Marble Phone Case

Marble iPhone Case

A marble cellphone case goes with every outfit from morning to night. This heavily veined plastic version from Urban Outfitters adds a little drama to the classic marble look and makes the perfect gift for both men and women.


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