These Forever Roses Will Make You Feel Like a Disney Princess

This company found a way to make roses last forever, and they are magical.
Forever Rose VIA Instagram

Like a tale as old as time, roses are a universal way to show someone you care. The florists at London's Forever Rose understand that, and they've mastered the art of rose preservation.

Their latest rose, the Bella, comes delicately placed in a glass dome and lives forever without water or sunlight when left untouched. If this idea sounds familiar, it's because the Bella's namesake is inspired by the classic Disney movie Beauty and the Beast

Forever Rose partnered with The Walt Disney Company Middle East & Africa to re-create the enchanted rose for fans everywhere. The timing of the collaboration is appropriate with the live-action remake of the movie released March 17.  Complete with falling petals, this rose display is as close to a fairy tale as you can get.

However, a rose like this comes at a price. You'll need $272 for a single rose and up to $540 for a bouquet. Forever Rose has a large collection of other products as well, including roses enclosed in cages, glass prisms, and frames for your walls. 

The company won't spill the secret to their forever roses, but we can't help but wonder if there's a little magic behind it all. No matter how they do it, these roses are a must for any Belle in waiting.


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