16 Rose Arrangements

The rose might be the perfect flower: elegant, sumptuous, and fragrant. Gather this gorgeous blossom into arrangements that shine in their simplicity.

Casual Cheer

Lively yellow roses rest against a backdrop of berry-laden viburnum branches in an unstudied arrangement easy to reproduce at home.

--Try to pair a color as brilliant as this yellow with a rich green for contrast.

Magnificent Seven

You don't need a dozen roses to make a spectacular arrangement.

--Cluster seven roses in a compote dish, anchoring the stems with pebbles.
--Cut stems varying lengths to create a multilevel arrangement.
--Surround flowers with greenery for a bountiful look.
--Replenish water frequently to keep flowers fresh.

Herbal Companion

You might not have considered parsley as a companion for lush roses before, but why not? The dense, ruffled leaves delightfully pair with more delicate roses, and the vivid green color can't be beat. Plus, the fragrance combo will leave you feeling energized.

Elegant with Attitude

Turn a traditionally sophisticated bouquet of salmon-color roses into a sassy centerpiece by inserting a few black feathers (available at craft and hobby stores) amid the flowers.

Bright and Lively

Fresh and energetic greens and yellows combine to create an arrangement that exudes warmth and joy.

--Cluster the roses on one side.
--Prop up with bells of Ireland, lady's mantle, yellow-variegated hosta leaves, and golden sage.

Unlikely Pairs

Think outside traditional flower arrangement elements and pair roses with objects according to shape and color.

--Nestle pretty green apples in between the stems of lush pink roses.
--Cut the rose stems to the height of the bowl and push the rose stems into moistened floral foam to create a stable rim around the apples.

Unadorned Beauty

Invite everyone to come close and take a deep breath of the rich scent of roses.

--Strip roses of their foliage and pair them with a contrasting container to really draw attention to the romantic petals and gorgeous color.

On the Wild Side

For a natural, Secret Garden-feel arrangement:

--Cut a rose in full bloom from a rose bush, making sure to include plenty of natural foliage and rosebuds.
--Tuck in a few dried buds, which wouldn't be out of place in this untamed bunch.

Out of the Sea

Make use of your beach vacation souvenir:

--Tuck three roses in a seashell for a low-lying arrangement that works well on a nightstand or end table.
--If the shell isn't able to hold water, place the stems in water-filled floral vials.

Two Simple

Roses are beautiful enough to stand alone in these arrangements.

--For the arrangement on the left, cut the rose stems super-short and stick them into moistened floral foam. Keep adding roses until the bowl appears full.
--The arrangement on the right is as simple as cutting the stems an inch or so longer than the vase and arranging the rose heads so they spill over the lip of the vase.

Tiered Arrangement

Presentation is everything when you're arranging a single variety of flowers. To make a dozen roses even more impressive:

--Cut the stems at varying lengths and "build" an arrangement from the bottom up, letting the highest roses stand tall and coaxing the shortest ones over the side of the container.

One Is Fun

One rose is surprisingly sweet, especially when "served" in a champagne flute or goblet.

--Place a layer of decorative pebbles in the bottom of the glass to help hold the rose upright.
--Pour in just enough water to cover the stones.

A Dreamy Collection

To successfully mix a variety of flowers, try the clustering method:

--Group like flowers together to create focal points in the arrangement. Try a burst of apricot-color roses mingled with dahlias, hydrangeas, hop vines, viburnum berries, and orchids.
--Cut the stems fairly short so the flowers are low and spread into one another.

Overflowing with Elegance

A classic arrangement filled with eye-popping pinks and reds gets more punch when arranged close to the lip of a bright pitcher.

--Start with a handful of red roses.
--Fill in any gaps with pale pinks, miniature coral-color, and bright pink antique roses.

Oh So Simple

Let the type of rose dictate the container you choose. This casual arrangement of pink 'Zephirine Drouhin' and red 'Crimson Glory' roses looks right at home in a small sand pail accented with simple greenery.

Small Enchantments

Miniature roses are perfect for creating simple nosegays or adding scale to an arrangement of larger blooms. However, small bundles of this petite flower look their best when gathered into oh-so-pretty containers and left to speak for themselves.

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