Indoor Bloom Box

Brought indoors, a planter box softens a plain window while adding accent color and pleasing fragrance to a room.

What You Need:

Mix foliage and blooms -- in pots.
  • Ready-made window box (available at garden centers and crafts stores)
  • 2 decorative wooden brackets
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Screws
  • Wall anchors, if needed
  • Potted plants


1. Paint the window box and decorative brackets to match the window frame.

2. Mount brackets to the wall beneath the windowsill, then screw the box bottom to the top of the brackets. If your planter is very heavy, find the wall studs when mounting or use hollow-wall anchors.

3. Mix foliage and blooming plants in your window box. You may want to leave them in pots for ease and cleanliness. Be sure to use plastic saucers beneath the pots to catch water drips.

1 Comment

  1. Well after 55 years of outside window boxes, I am embarrassed! Never thought to bring them inside, Nice idea!raf

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