5-Minute Flower Arrangements

You have a handful of flowers and no time for complicated arrangements. Never fear -- here are 11 ways to get gorgeous results in five minutes or less.

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    Bright and Elegant

    Elevate a handful of single variety flowers, such as these ruffly poppies, with a proper collar of hosta leaves.

    --Cut the hosta stems long so you can play with the width of the collar depending on the size of the flowers.
    --Arrange hostas along the rim of the arrangement.

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    Think Inside the Vase

    --Twist a small palm frond or banana leaf into a tall cylinder vase as a backdrop for a delicate white orchid branch.
    --Float a single blossom at the bottom of the vase and display.

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    Easier Than It Looks

    This lush and romantic bouquet might look tough to make, but it's really quite simple.

    --Choose a trumpet-shape vase so the stems casually fall at graceful angles.
    --Start with a few geranium leaves to create a base to hold the flowers.
    --Cut large-scale blossoms, such as peonies or roses, at various heights -- from the vase lip up to about 4 inches taller than the vase.
    --Accent with a few wisps of trailing vine.

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    Relaxed Arrangement

    Lavender's scent is well known for its relaxing powers, making this the perfect arrangement for a bedside table or guest room.

    --Fill a vase with ruffled scented geranium leaves.
    --Slip stems of sweet-smelling lavender in between the leaves.

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    Cluster for Impact

    --Cut the stems of textured flowers, leaving an inch or so attached to the head of the flower.
    --Add an inch of water to a large cylinder vase (or a large trifle bowl from your kitchen) and build up a mound of stones in the vase.
    --Cover it with the flowers, nestling the stems in between the stones.

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    Lush Standouts

    With its big blossom heads, hydrangea is a flower arranger's dream -- lots of bang for the stem. They're pretty all on their own, but try these color combos, too.

    --Add bachelor buttons to enhance purple blooms.
    --Put a blush on white hydrangeas with pink spray roses.

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    Target Practice

    Hit the mark with this exuberant display of zinnias.

    --Gather blooms of one color in your hand to form a pleasing mound; add a single contrasting color bloom to the center.
    --Secure with a rubber band and place in a vase.
    --Feed in blooms of another color to form an outer ring and fill the vase.
    --Place a bit of greenery, such as bleeding heart foliage, around the outer edge for added contrast.

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    Free Falling

    --Start with a ready-made mixed bunch of flowers and a wide cylinder vase or glass bowl.
    --Choose one or two stems to stand tall but not taller than the vase.
    --Cut the rest of the stems short and float the blooms in a small amount of water in the bottom of the vase.

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    Just One, Please

    There's virtually no arranging to do when you clip a few stems from the yard and place them in a collection of bottles or glasses.

    --To create a pleasing skyline, vary container height and stem length.
    --Here, a small coleus leaf in a tiny bottle is the lowest element in the arrangement, which builds in height with fuchsia, helleborus leaf, bleeding heart foliage, Queen Anne's lace, and tall fern.

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    Grocery Bouquet Know-How

    Pump up the impact of a mixed bouquet purchased at the grocery store.

    --Cut the stems really short and arrange them in a low, medium-wide vase.
    --Group flowers of the same color into clusters, rather than evenly distributing all the different varieties, to create little focal points where the eye can rest.

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    One-Blossom Stunner

    Create this high-style display almost instantly with a pretty glass and a single bloom.

    --An ice cream dish, a champagne bowl, or a martini glass all make attractive vessels for floating a showy dahlia.
    --A bit of fiveleaf akebia vine gives the display an organic quality.
    --Try any handy (nonpoisonous!) garden vine, such as wisteria or trumpet vine.

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