These Instagram photos show why kokedama (Japanese for "moss ball") is showing up everywhere.

By Hannah Bruneman

The latest trend in home decor is simply adorable. Kokedama, which is Japanese for "moss ball," is showing up everywhere. Kokedama forces trendsetters to think outside of the box -- or pot, for that matter. This DIY plant holder can be hung, strung, and placed anywhere you feel the need for some elegant greenery. However, there is a little more to it than moss. 

Want to make your own? It all starts with a mix of peat moss and bonsai soil, moss, and your choice of succulent. Twine holds all the pieces together, and voila! Get the full instructions for how to make kokedama here. No kokedama is made or looks the same, so the possibilities are endless. Before you get started, here are 10 photos that will inspire you to get creative with kokedama.

1. Sweet and Simple

This kokedama proves that sometimes classic is best. Although you can spruce up these planters with colors and embellishments, plain twine is the way to go. Perfectly sweet and simply understated, this kokedama belongs on a tablescape surrounded by minimal decor, great food, and lots of laughter.

2. So cute, it had to be framed.

This picture-perfect kokedama looks so cute framed in natural wood. Multi-dimensional artwork is a great way to impress your guests and look like a design star. The best part? This look is totally affordable!

3. Kokedama stands out against greenhouse counterparts.

Leave your planted orb in its natural habitat. Surrounded by like plants and good lighting, kokedama is sure to shine. Thanks to the kokedama's ability to hang, the DIY plant takes up no precious windowsill space and allows you to collect as many as you want!

4. Flowers add a colorful touch to the trend.

There is no rule stating that all kokedama have to be made with a green plant. These blooming beauties add a wonderful sense of joy to the room and their matching bases tie it all together. Rain or shine, these will brighten up your day.

5. Friendly Faces

Figurines are always welcome in kokedama. Thanks to the rise of fairy gardens, small hand-painted characters are easy to come across. We love the individual personalities they hold!

6. Blooming Beauty

This beautiful succulent bouquet looks difficult to recreate, but that doesn't mean we won't try. Use pins and lots of patience when assembling something of this nature. But most importantly, make sure you have a great place to display your garden work where everyone can admire!

7. Why make one kokedama when you can have five?

The only thing better than one kokedama is two kokedama! Gather the girls for a gardening day or make it a fun family activity. Supply the moss, plants, and twine and get to work. When you're all done, line up the fruits of your labor for a stunning photo shoot.

8. This beauty is layers of fun!

The way to get creative with your kokedama is with the plant of choice. This unique succulent is visually interesting and would look great in any room. Spend some time in the greenhouse before settling on a leafy friend.

9. We love this kokedama dripping with style.

If you've got the green thumb to keep your plant alive for a long time, let it grow! We love this kokedama that's over-the-edge beautiful and inspired by Rapunzel and her flowing locks.

10. Looking Sharp

For those desiring simplicity, this cactus is perfectly adorable. Cacti continue to grow in popularity within fashion, home decor, gardening, and beyond. You'll be on top of what's hot with this pretty planter.

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July 20, 2018
There's a link to the 'written' instructions in the 2nd paragraph. Tells you everything you need to know! (: Good Luck!
May 9, 2018
I agree with ptstone1
May 5, 2018
Agree with ptstone1
May 1, 2018
SO UN-CUSTOMER FRIENDLY! I don't get this. Why make it so hard for the viewer??? 1. Give us the written instructions. 2. If you can't do that AT LEAST give us a video that doesn't go OUT OF FOCUS when we freeze it to READ the instructions! BHG should be ashamed to put this out.