6 Fake Plants That Look Like the Real Thing, but Without the Work

With realistic-looking colors and textures, these artificial houseplants come with all the beauty of the lush greenery without the maintenance.

Houseplants are an easy way to add color and life to your space, but not everyone has the right conditions or skills to keep them alive. If you're fed up with brown leaves, root rot, or other common houseplant mishaps, it might be time to put down the potting soil and go faux. No longer limited to the shiny, fake-looking varieties once destined for doctor's offices, artificial plants have gotten a major upgrade in recent years as people look for a more low-maintenance way to hop on the houseplant trend. Faux plants are ideal for rooms that don't get much natural light, such as basements or windowless bathrooms. And besides the bare-minimum care requirements (just give them a quick dusting here and there), artificial houseplants are also typically a safer choice if you have allergies, young kids, or pets. So whether you lack natural light or have killed your share of plants, you can still get your greenery fix with these editor-approved fake plants that look just like the real thing.

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Faux Snake Plant

green and yellow faux snake plant in white container
Courtesy of Target

With its variegated green and yellow leaves (and dozens of 5-star reviews online), this faux snake plant could definitely pass for a living one. The white ceramic pot is filled with artificial stones that add to the realistic look. Measuring 16.5 inches tall, this fake plant is large enough to set on the floor next to a chair or nightstand or use within a plant stand to liven up your living room.

Buy It: 16.5-inch x 6-inch Artificial Snake Plant, $15, Target

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Potted Faux Monstera Plant

faux monstera plant in white pot on wood stool in entry
Courtesy of IKEA

Add a striking focal point to your entryway or living space with a faux monstera plant. This one recreates the tropical plant's perforated dark green leaves and waxy sheen with convincing detail. The 35.5-inch-tall plant comes in a black 7.5-inch plastic pot that can easily fit inside your favorite container or basket.

Buy It: FEJKA Artificial potted plant, $55, IKEA

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Small Artificial Potted Plants

faux peperomia plants in gray containers
Courtesy of World Market

Striped heart-shaped leaves give these faux peperomia plants an eye-catching texture. Their pots measure 3.5 inches in diameter, but the trailing green and purple leaves stretch about 15 inches across. Place these plants in a hanging basket or on a shelf to show off the variegated colors.

Buy It: Faux Peperomia Plants Set of 2, $30, World Market

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Faux Succulents Table Decor

faux succulent plants in gray container on coffee table
Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

If your home doesn't get bright light, growing succulents indoors can be tricky. This potted arrangement of colorful faux succulents offers a no-light-needed solution. The gray terra-cotta container measures 12 inches across, so it's right-sized to set on your dining table or living room coffee table.

Buy It: Artificial Succulents in a Pot, $50, Crate and Barrel

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Faux Potted Cactus

faux cactus plant in black pot
Courtesy of Wayfair

Take the guesswork out of growing cacti indoors with this artificial version, which reviewers rated at 4.9 stars. Made of plastic, the sculptural plant features prickly spines and variations in color for a life-like appearance. The fake cactus measures 24 inches tall and comes in a black pot.

Buy It: Artificial Cactus Plant in Pot, $63, Wayfair

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Large Faux Palm Tree

faux palm plant in black pot in living room
Courtesy of The Home Depot

Perfect for that dark, empty corner in your living room or bedroom, this faux palm tree requires no light to thrive. It features more than 30 individual fronds, which are 5 feet tall and about 32 inches wide, and has received 5-star ratings from every reviewer so far. To make this artificial plant look even more authentic, stick the small plastic pot in a larger container or basket for a more balanced look.

Buy It: 5 ft. Robellini Palm Silk Tree, $103, The Home Depot

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