Etsy Predicts the Top 6 Home Decor Trends for 2022

No cookie-cutter designs here. These top decorating trends emphasize one-of-a-kind personal style.

Etsy is a one-stop shop for all sorts of unique, handcrafted goods, including home decor. And when it comes to the latest trends, you can often snag them from Etsy sellers first before they hit big-box stores. This year, many of the biggest decorating trends you'll see revolve around personal touches and statement-making styles.

According to Etsy's 2022 home decor trends guide, shoppers are increasingly looking for well-crafted, personalized items for their homes, noting that searches for handmade furniture are up more than 2,000% in the last three months compared to the same time last year. Etsy's search data also shows bold color, texture, and unexpected elements are moving into the spotlight. Below, discover the top home decor trends Etsy predicts you'll see everywhere in 2022.

master bedroom tan theme bedspread
Brie Williams

1. Mix-and-Match Textures

Texture is key to achieving that cozy, layered look many of us crave right now, and Etsy is seeing significant increases in accessories that offer a tactile element. Shoppers are seeking out a soft, comforting feel through items like bouclé furniture, which has seen an 83% increase in search volume. Carved, tufted, and fluted textures are also popping up across tableware, wall art, light fixtures, and more. Incorporate a mix of contrasting textures for a dynamic, visually interesting room.

black and white wallpaper and ombre shower curtain
Jay Wilde

2. Color Gradients

You might remember ombre as a top trend in the 2010s, but color gradients are back for 2022. This gradual fade from one hue to another offers a softer alternative to bold solids or patterns and helps establish a calming mood. Etsy notes a 62% increase in searches for ombre, gradient, and dip-dye candles, while searches for ombre or gradient art have jumped 40%. Try this trend through wallpaper or paint treatments to give your walls a watercolor-like effect, or start small with a few subtly color-changing accent pieces.

brown sofa table with accent mirror
Jessica Glynn

3. Statement-Making Mirrors

Mirrors are more than just a surface to check your reflection in. They've become a favorite way to make a statement on blank walls, above fireplaces, over furniture, and more. Etsy notes unexpected varieties—with ornate frames, irregular shapes, or retro-inspired designs—are experiencing the biggest boost in popularity. The report states that searches for funky mirrors have shot up 200% in recent months, while search interest in asymmetrical and tufted or punch-needle mirrors has more than doubled compared to last year. Select a fun style that appeals to you for a stylish accent that simultaneously helps your space appear bigger and brighter.

graphic colorful artwork in hallway above table
David Tsay

4. Happy Accents

Our homes can be a source of joy, and more people are leaning into that feeling through bright color schemes, nostalgic decor, and playful designs. On Etsy, searches for retro or '90s items are up more than 700% in the last three months, while pastel accessories and bright abstract art are also rising in popularity. Make your home your happy place by surrounding yourself with colors, accessories, and other items that put a smile on your face.

muted earth tones small master bedroom mauve pink gray walls
John Bessler

5. Unique Wall Art

Art can be whatever you make it, and more shoppers are starting to think outside the box when it comes to their walls. Etsy predicts we'll see more unconventional wall art ideas over the next year, as searches for custom shadow boxes tick up in popularity. Even practical items can serve as art when properly displayed. Etsy also reports increased interest in hanging propagation planters, hat hangers, and bike wall mounts as shoppers look for art that combines beauty and function.

child's bedroom with large map above bed
David Tsay

6. Travel-Inspired Decor

After two years of pandemic living, the wanderlust is real. This longing for travel is even creeping into our home decor choices, with Etsy searches for push-pin maps and map art on the rise. Shoppers are also decking out their homes with vintage globes, repurposed trunks, and handcrafted finds from around the world to experience a taste of travel without leaving the house.

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