Storage doesn't stop at the locker room. Incorporate metal lockers into your living room, entryway, bedroom, and beyond with these clever decorating ideas.


Make your hallway or entryway work harder with a row of metal locker drawers. The storage-savvy solution provides a place for everything. Create a two-tone color scheme by painting just the drawers a pretty shade of mint. Add casters for easy rearrangement. Top with wire baskets to complete the look.

Feature Family Photos

Mini Farmhouse Makeovers

Metal lockers can be fashionable as well as functional. Place a unit with multiple cubbies near a doorway for quick access to coats and accessories. Advance the look with a series of family photographs or framed artwork placed above the storage unit. Place lockers on risers to keep them from appearing too heavy and to visually expand a small space.

Tuck Beneath a Bed

Decorate with Lockers

Bank on lockers for better bedroom storage. A slender pair of two easily slips beneath a bed and contributes industrial flair. To conceal, use a bed skirt, or instead, accentuate the lockers with complementary furniture in the same finish.

Complement a Color Scheme

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Inject a splash of color into a room that's black-and-white and bland all over with a bold metal locker. This turquoise desk with locker-style drawers shines in a room with a monochromatic rug and plain white walls. Artwork in a similar shade continues the pop of color.

Coordinate a Kids' Bathroom

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Mimic the look of a locker room in a den or children's play area for storage with style. Tie the traditional schoolhouse furnishing to an attached powder room or bath by continuing a color scheme. Here, bathroom cabinetry and decor exude a subtle shade of the fire-engine red lockers just outside the door.

Stash Spices


Metal lockers and sweaty gym shoes? Not anymore. With a few clever tweaks, the storage unit can be revamped into a practical built-in pantry. Install wooden shelves to hold extra ingredients. Magnetic glass jars adhered to the doors create easy-access to herbs and spices. 

Surround a Sleeping Area

Decorate with Lockers

No headboard? No problem. Combine two sets of vertically stacked lockers with one horizontal unit to frame a bed with accessible storage. A curtain rod beneath allows for a pretty curtain backdrop. Be sure to anchor the lockers to the walls to reduce tip-over risk.

Organize a Mudroom

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Stop dirt in its tracks with a mudroom console. This metal locker model is easy to wipe clean, so muddy shoes, damp garments, and outdoor towels can be tossed inside until ready to be laundered.

Tuck into a Closet

Work Zone Closets

If a separate office just isn't an option in your small home or apartment, look to a spare closet. Lockers can provide storage for paper files and office supplies and can squeeze into narrow spaces that a file cabinet might not.

Hide Toys and Trinkets

storage lockers

Playtime clean-up comes easy when storage can be reached by children and adults alike. A metal locker with labeled doors keeps games and toys organized and numbered.

Decorate a Den

room of collegiate tradition with memorabilia and a collection of vintage sweaters

Go team! Plain black lockers blend seamlessly into a vintage, sports-inspired den. Stack them with old textbooks and surround with varsity letter-adorned accessories for a winning design play.

Fashion Freestanding Storage

Freestanding Pantry Ideas

Sweeping trim and furniture-style legs spruce up a plain unit of lockers into a display-worthy armoire. Spray-paint the metal to match the molding for a cohesive look, or keep it colored for interesting contrast.

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