The jewelry and accessories you wear out of the house are gorgeous! So why shut them away when they're not in use? Display your necklaces, gems, pendants, and more with our smart ideas for making jewelry do double duty as decor.

blue dresser

A few branches gathered from the backyard are perfect for displaying your accessories. Rings and brooches hang from short, twiggy spires, and necklaces and bracelets dangle from the higher boughs. As you gather more treasures, simply add more branches to keep your jewelry tree growing.

Check It Out


Displaying your jewelry on a vanity, as you would your cosmetics, is ideal for a number of reasons. First, you can view all your gorgeous accessories at once. Second, you can check your jewelry choices out in the mirror once you're done to see if you like the look!

Boutique Display


Too much bling to keep in one spot? Set your vanity up boutique style with a mannequin, shadow boxes, and storage crates. This gathers all your trinkets in one spot. Plus, you'll never get bored with the look!

Pretty and Prepared

jewelry storage

Keeping your jewelry simply displayed might be more your taste. Lay out tomorrow's accessories in a pretty dish. You'll know where to find them right away in the morning, and they'll look lovely when you put them back at night.

Corkboard Wonder

Flea Market Ideas

A quick and easy way to access all your jewels is to hang them on corkboards. Keep them classy with frames and surrounding works of art. A low display shelf keeps rings and stud earrings on display as well.

Fetching Collections

Jewelry Display

If you have a large collection of rings, invest in a velvet-lined jewelry box. Your rings will look sophisticated, and you'll be able to find just the one you're looking for.

Creative Combinations

jewelry holder

Using a variety of materials makes a jewelry dispay both beautiful and convenient. Earrings and necklaces hang prettily from old vent screens, and rings sit tight in small teacup saucers. A dessert stand holds larger beaded necklaces and bracelets, while bangles stack neatly on a repurposed paper towel holder.

Picture Perfect

Jewelry Display

Jewelry truly looks like a work of art when hung inside whitewashed frames. This simple style is achieved with hooks and wires. Surround your frames with photos, mementos, and greenery for a cohesive display.

Out-the-Door Style


Always in a rush? Prep your jewelry when you prep your outfit. Hang accessories on clear removable wall hooks near your wallet, makeup, and perfume. Then grab, spritz, and head out the door!

Beautifully Repurposed


Why toss out old kitchen oven racks when you can put them to work in a new way? This repurposed rack was sanded, painted black, and strung with accessories. Lean it against a wall or mount it; just be sure the notches face outward!


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