This tropical fruit is taking over the decor aisles. See how you can decorate with pineapple motifs no matter your interior design style. 

By Hannah Bruneman
June 27, 2018

People debate whether pineapple belongs on pizza, but there is one thing we can all agree on—pineapples definitely belong in our homes! As summer arrives, pineapples have become a trendy motif to feature on textiles, incorporate in artwork, or display on shelves. These quirky fruits remind us of the warm summer sun and instantly brighten up a room. They’re also extremely versatile and can work with almost any style. Pour yourself a fruity drink and discover a few of our favorite ways to decorate with pineapples.

If the pineapple trend is calling your name, go all in with patterned wallpaper. A graphic design like this offers a great boost of color, but it isn’t too overwhelming with white wainscoting and trim. For risk-averse decorators, try using the quirky wall treatment in a powder room. This way, you don’t have to buy as much wallpaper to cover the space, and you’re less likely to grow tired of looking at it all day long.

Add a touch of the tropics to your gallery wall. A framed pineapple print will go a long way when paired with both minimalist and eccentric artwork. The quirky shape and texture of the fruit will make it a stand-out piece in your collection. Place it in a simple frame to let the image do the talking. We love it here among 3-D elements as well.

An easy way to cycle in and out of trends is with display shelves. Clear out one section of your bookshelf for trinkets, decorative baskets, and framed pictures. Your local home goods store will probably have a gold or white pineapple figure in the decor aisle. Place one or a pair of pineapples on your personal display shelf as a nod to the current trend. This quick fix is inexpensive and noncommittal, and it provides a nice visual break from rows upon rows of books.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a new trend into your home is with throw pillows. With a stitched or printed pineapple design, a pillow can easily dress up a couch, bed, or chair with little commitment. You can even find a pineapple pillow cover if you’d rather cover up last season’s trend. Try this casual summer look on exterior pillows, too, for a party-ready patio.

A pineapple’s unique shape makes it perfect for fun, fruit-themed decor and furniture. In this kid’s room, a pineapple-shape laundry hamper sits ready by the closet. A hamper this stylish doesn’t need to be hidden behind closet doors, especially since it has a lid to hide dirty clothes. The pineapple theme repeats on the wall as a sparkling gold print.

The first place you’d think to find a pineapple in a home is, of course, the kitchen. But this pineapple isn’t exactly edible. Using a wood-burning tool, you can draw pineapple patterns into your wood serving trays and utensils. The result is a perfectly unique design you won’t be able to find in stores.

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