9 Surprising Ways to Decorate with Dinosaurs

If your kids (or even you!) love dinosaurs, see how stylish Jurassic-theme dinosaur decor can spruce up your home in no time!
This is Brick and Mortar

Have you heard about the latest trend to come stomping into homes? Dinosaurs have left the children's department and wandered into unexplored territory. These lovable creatures can be found in kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms alike. Although they make a big roar, these decorative dinos come in small sizes. You'll find the dinosaur trend in small trinkets, accessories, and prints to enhance your larger furnishings. To give you a taste, we've rounded up our favorite dinosaur decor ideas for you to try.

1. Dino Dreams

Bright July

These dinosaur pillows are perfect for both the young and the young at heart. They add playful and charming style, plus serve as protectors from your toddler's frightening dreams. A win-win for the entire family!

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2. DIY Dino Doorstop

Lemon Thistle

The crafty lady behind this dino project was inspired by an adorable -- and expensive -- doorstop she found while bargain hunting for home decor. Instead of forking over the $24 it would have cost, she made her own using dollar store materials! We certainly think it was worth the effort.

Find the tutorial at Lemon Thistle

3. Hook 'Em: Dino Head and Tail Storage Hooks

Cloudy Day Gray

Once we learned that dinosaurs and their tails make great hooks, our homes have never looked the same. Some plastic dinos, a little spray paint, and a few other supplies are all you need to make the perfect drop zone for keys and purses. Plus, we doubt your kids will have a hard time remembering to hang up their coats when they go on a dinosaur!

Find the tutorial at Cloudy Day Gray

4. Terrarium T. Rex Tussle

Yellow Brick Home

Watch a T. Rex and a Triceratops go mini head-to-head in this creative use of a terrarium. With layers of rock, charcoal, soil, and plants, this living centerpiece is seriously cool, and your kids will love it.

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5. Put a Lid on It with a Dino Topper

Views From the Ville

There's no denying that storage containers can be rather boring. This blogger and mother of three tackled the problem with a solution most can find at the dollar store. These dino toppers are so cute and totally on trend.

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6. Paper Pterodactyl Puppet

The Craft Train

We love decor with double the function. These paper puppets are not only great for playtime, but they also look so chic hanging from the ceiling or walls of your kiddo's bedroom. Allow children to help make these, and their imaginations will soar.

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7. Paleolithic Frame-Worthy Elegance

Yellow Brick Home

Put your love for the Paleolithic era on display as a focal point in your living room. This beautiful black-and-white image of a T. Rex brings a sense of power to the room; proof that, when executed correctly, dinosaurs can be more elegant than childish.

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8. DIY Dinosaur Planter

Maggie Overby Studios

Does your home need a bit of whimsy? Put the polka-dot wallpaper aside and instead make these quirky dinosaur beauties. Hollow out a plastic dino and fill it with soil and a low-maintenance succulent for an easy foliage fix.

Find the tutorial at Maggie Overby Studios

9. Mighty Dino Bookend

This is Brick and Mortar

Who better to trust with the weight of your favorite novels than a strong and mighty dinosaur? We love this Paleolithic bookend for library safekeeping. Whether you choose to spray-paint the toy dinosaur for a pop of color or keep it as is, this bookshelf detail will make a statement.

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