White Fireplace Ideas

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A white fireplace can add a timeless and gorgeous touch to any room. See how these white fireplaces both warm and brighten a room, while emphasizing the shape and design of the hearth.

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Tall Order

living room

Brick laid in a stair-stepped fashion rises from the mantel to the chimney, giving this fireplace architectural presence in an all-white room. The fireplace is flanked by white built-ins and two small windows, and the glossy finish contrasts the weathered finish of the exposed supports and paneling of the walls.

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Bring a little color to a white fireplace with these mantel decorating ideas.

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Design Mix

living room

Shades of white play an important role in the design of this living room by highlighting subtle contrasts. The white fireplace surround serves as a pure counterpoint to the warm whites with gray undertones used on the walls and furniture. Style contrasts bring the sleek white palette to life. An ornately carved firebox grate juxtaposes the abstract art pieces and contemporary furnishings. Like the rest of the living room, the fireplace employs red-orange and black accents against a white, neutral background to create visual interest and a decidedly eclectic look.

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Crisp and New


A simple, white fireplace stands out in this vintage living room. Various styles of furniture and accessories combined with a soft color palette give the room an aged look, but the crisp white fireplace contrasts the muted hues to keep the space from looking muddied.

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Retro Glam

fireplace in living room

A hefty brick fireplace recedes into elegant glamour, thanks to white paint and chic accessories. An oversize gold mirror and a pair of unique gold sculptures add sparkle, contrasting the stark white-painted kindling. The addition of gold accents picks up on other items in the living room, drawing the fireplace into the design fold of the space.

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Showing Off Curves


A flair for the dramatic sets the design tone in this living room. From the high-backed armchairs to the ornately carved coffee table base, every element has something to say, especially the fireplace. A white fireplace adds a simple, clean slate to the room, but the structural design keeps it on par with the room's stirring style. A tall, rounded cove emphasizes the height of the fireplace and exaggerates the curve. Quatrefoil patterned tile and herringbone brickwork play to the room's patterned elements, ensuring the white fireplace doesn't look like a blank slate.

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Cozy Elegance


A fireplace made of white stone blocks with a light brick firebox adds simple elegance to this cozy, neutral room. The frame-like surround of the firebox and the curved mantel are simple details that draw attention to the fireplace and contribute to the comfortable, yet formal feel of the room. The curved chimney portion of the fireplace brings a cottage, old-world feel.

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Add Natural Elements


A classic white mantel is spruced up with clean white-painted brick and seaside mantel accessories. The white-paneled wall gives the entire space character. When the fireplace is not in use, an organic sculpture of driftwood helps fill the fireplace's empty box and is a nod to the room's beach aesthetic.

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White and Wood Tones


A white fireplace contrasts the various wood tones and warm neutrals that make up this living room. The wood mantel and brown stone hearth tie the fireplace design to the rest of the room, providing continuity and allowing the fireplace to blend in with the wood tones at the base of the fireplace and on the nearby shelves. A black brick firebox prevents the fireplace from being too bright.

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Making Old New Again

living room

An old fireplace is made chic with white paint. Smooth and textured brick add visual interest to the fireplace while a classic mantel makes a great display space for a flatscreen television and vase. Neutral furnishings mixed with pops of turquoise and coral keep the space feeling vibrant and lively.

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Built-In Structure


Built-in shelving units surrounding a fireplace make the components read as one, creating an eye-catching focal point for this living room. The symmetrical arrangements on the shelves draw attention to the fireplace in the center. A black frame around the firebox accentuates the fireplace even more.

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Polished and Comfortable


White marble gives a chic, polished look to a fireplace. Here, the material is paired with white shelves and molding. The mantel is a simple white shelf, which accents the marble without taking away from its polished look. Modern fretwork above the fireplace and the surround walls add detail to the white color palette. The bench, which provides the perfect storage space below for firewood, wraps around to the wall behind the fireplace, creating a comfy seating nook.

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Simple Break


The key to a successful monochromatic look is nuanced shifts. Here, a white fireplace with carved details is a visual break from the tone-on-tone damask wallpaper, which gives off an elegant sheen. The simplicity of the fireplace and its traditional look complement the wall decor and the room's furniture. Above the fireplace, an abstract painting in emerald green tones provides visual contrast.

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Frame the Firebox

white walls

A basic, yet stately white fireplace serves as a frame for a distinct black firebox. The lack of a mantel makes this hearth look like an extension of the wall, rather than a separate entity. The angled chimney and sleek white design add a sense of simplicity and sophistication to the room.

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Destination Fireplace

mint green room

This fireplace is located in a pass-through area of a home. In order to make the fireplace stand out, the fireplace is emphasized with detailed white molding and a deep black frame around the firebox. These features stand out against the pale, pastel wall and make the fireplace more of a destination. An abstract, colorful painting and bright, shiny accessories on the deep mantel also draw attention to the hearth. A bench in front of the hearth distinguishes the space as a seating area.

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Eco-Chic Choices

living room

A plain white fireplace is transformed with an old, rustic beam mantel. The logs in the unique wood box juxtapose the crisp white finish of the fireplace, and the combination sets an eclectic tone. An antique painting above the mantel connects the fireplace with other older pieces, like the blue side chair, in the room.

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