Tile Fireplace Design Ideas

Consider giving your fireplace a creative and eye-catching look with beautiful tile. Available in almost endless colors, textures, and patterns, tile can bring a distinctive look to a dull surround.

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    All in the Details

    Use a small-scale pattern to make a fireplace into a subtle, yet stunning focal point. Keeping the mantel and decor simple and understated allows the attention to stay focused on the beautiful tile.

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    Pretty Pattern

    When a fireplace is relatively simple and unadorned, you can easily opt for adding more pattern with tile. Here, one-inch glass mosaic tile creates drama around the fireplace. The color on the wall matches a tone found in the tile, providing unity.

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    Neutral Beauty

    Pair neutral tile with an ornate mantel to add beauty without taking attention from the interesting molding. This fireplace boasts an elaborate white mantel with warm, creamy tones in the tile surround.

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    Totally Texture

    Use large-scale tile featuring detailed imagery to dress up a neutral fireplace with beautiful texture. Here, ornate tile in natural colors and gold accents create an elegant, traditional look.

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    Aged Character

    Brick-inspired tile around the fireplace in this kitchen sets a rustic tone, adding instant age and character to the space. The traditional material complements the surrounding white cabinetry and black countertops.

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    Kitchen and Bath Inspired

    Marble has long been a luxe material for kitchens and bathrooms. This fireplace brings marble into the living room by pairing the material with shades of black and white used throughout the space, exuding casual elegance.

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    Pebble Texture

    Tile embedded with small pebbles brings a nature-inspired texture to this fireplace. Pairing white pebbles with gray grout and a simple white mantel lends a clean, contemporary look to the space.  

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    Tall and Handsome

    Slender glass tiles arranged vertically add visual height and drama around this sleek fireplace. A dark color palette warms up the contemporary space, while the trendy narrow tiles maintain a modern vibe. 

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    Across the Border

    Use smaller tiles to create a border on the inside and outside edge of your tile surround. Here, textured tile was used to make the border stand out. Similar texture on some of the larger tiles adds interest and ties it all together.

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    Three-Dimensional Style

    When considering fireplace tile, think beyond color. Three-dimensional texture is another way to add unique character. In this bedroom, white tiles form a simple quilt-like pattern, attracting attention with soft lines and shapes.

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    Picture Perfect

    Choose tile depicting an image you love and repeat it to create a distinctive pattern that ties to the theme of your room. Blue boat imagery on the tile surrounding this fireplace was the perfect pick for the nautical-themed room.

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    Floor to Ceiling

    Consider using the same tile on your floor and fireplace to give the space a cohesive look. Featuring tile all the way to a vaulted ceiling, this fireplace makes a real statement. The large-scale pattern keeps it from looking too busy.

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    Go Big or Go Home

    Find a tile you absolutely love? Rather than using a small amount around the perimeter of the fireplace, consider taking it up the entire wall. Here, the homeowners opted to forgo a mantel and other artwork to give full attention to the tile.

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    Asian Influence

    Asian-look tiles suit this room's Eastern character. The hand-painted figures continue across grout lines, giving the appearance that the tiles were pieced together like a puzzle. Plain black tiles are mixed in to keep the fireplace from being too busy. 

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    Welcome Contrast

    Black tile offers stunning contrast to a white fireplace. Here, high-gloss black paint on the tile and grout adds a modern edge to the otherwise traditional fireplace and space.

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    Floor to Fireplace

    Visually connect your fireplace to your floor by using the same tile in both places. Here, ceramic tile featuring warm terra-cotta tones warms up the room’s white fireplace and built-ins. The tile’s curved application around the fireplace provides contrast to the square tiles on the floor.

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    Lit and Luxurious

    Nothing says luxury quite like marble. In this bathroom, a fireplace above a deep bathtub provides the perfect spot for a relaxing soak. With everything clad in the same classic marble mosaic tiles, the tub and fireplace integrate beautifully.

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    All in the Geometry

    This fireplace surround features a geometric pattern composed mostly of triangles in various sizes and arrangements -- a sharp focal point to a mostly white room. The geometry is picked up by the area rug, providing a visual connection to the floor. 

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    Naturally Warm

    Bring the warm, natural feel of wood to your fireplace surround by using wood-tone tiles. Stacking logs inside the fireplace emphasizes the look. Here, a white mantel keeps the fireplace from looking too rustic for a modern space.

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    Bright and Beautiful

    Add a pop of color around your fireplace with a bright hue. Here, vibrant blue tile is offset by a white fireplace. Lighter blue paint on the walls and bright accent colors complete the look.

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    Break It Up

    Add interest to a tile surround by incorporating tile in a contrasting color. Here, natural-tone, patterned tiles arranged in a line above the fireplace and alternating on both sides break up the monochromatic green tile.

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