The earthy charisma of authentic stacked stone transforms any fireplace into a textural showstopper. This gallery of stacked-stone fireplace ideas will inspire you to create your own dramatic focal-point design.
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The play of light and shadows across a stacked-stone fireplace brings a mesmerizing quality to any interior. Here, native Alabama fieldstone towers to the ceiling, creating an awe-inspiring divider between the living and dining areas. A landscape painting depicting a foggy lakeside morning softens the look of the venerable stone face and enhances the room's sense of tranquility.

Artistry in Stone

Cabin fireplace

Building an authentic stacked-stone fireplace requires the skill of an experienced stone mason, who carefully selects the pieces to fit tightly together like a puzzle. The stones' weight and friction, and very little mortar (if any), hold the elements in place; the most masterful stone artisans can even create designs in the fireplace facade, such as this arched opening and keystone.

Cozy Outdoor Living

4 seasons room

A stacked-stone fireplace feature isn't limited to your home's interiors. Including one on this charming screen porch beautifies the space but also extends the porch's usefulness beyond the warm-weather seasons. Imagine a crisp fall evening getting cozy with friends and family around a crackling fire to roast marshmallows and reminisce.

Modern Classic

Quite the Character, living room, couch

A stacked-stone fireplace can work with any number of styles, including contemporary. In this living room, selecting a light-tone variety of small, evenly cut stones creates a clean look that's ideal for a setting distinguished by simplicity. The asymmetrical design of this feature fireplace also plays up its modern vibe.

Snug Sleeper

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The rock you choose for your stacked-stone fireplace can create completely different looks -- fieldstone for a rustic interior, cobblestone for a cottage, and cut stone to suit traditional, transitional, and modern styles. Cut native stone stacks up in this master bedroom, for example, to complement the home's fresh take on mountain style.

Stone Tile Alternative


You can also easily re-create the look of a stacked-stone fireplace using stone veneer, which is a lightweight product that's virtually indistinguishable from whole stacked stones -- but typically costs less. This fireplace is faced with thin tiles made of real stone.


May Fireplace

With a stacked-stone fireplace as your focal point, you can transport a space to another place and time. In this Arizona getaway -- designed to assume the identity of an ancient Tuscan villa -- a large stone hearth, complete with an iron pot that can swing over the fire, serves as the focal point of the loggia.

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