23 Cozy Outdoor Fireplace Ideas for a Cool-Weather Hangout Space

outdoor stone fireplace
Photo: Robert Brinson

These outdoor fireplace ideas will bring comfort and warmth to your deck or patio, allowing you to use the space in cooler weather and after dark. Whether made of stone, brick, or other materials, these structures also form a dramatic focal point. Give your backyard a sophisticated update and a cozy glow with these inviting outdoor fireplace ideas.

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Outdoor Wood Fireplace

Porch with fireplace and wicker seating
Brie Williams

Wood paneling on an outdoor fireplace bolsters the modern farmhouse style of this back porch. The natural color and texture contrast the all-white ceiling and floors. Accessories, including outdoor pillows and an area rug, contribute splashes of blue to the simple color palette.

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Outdoor Patio Fireplace

backyard patio with large fireplace
Laura Hull

This stucco outdoor fireplace is built directly into the patio's surrounding landscape to create an intimate outdoor dining space. Ornate detailing at the top of the fireplace adds a feeling of grandeur. Simple metal patio furniture keeps the focus on the fireplace.

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Small Outdoor Fireplace

Porch with fireplace and wicker seating
Brie Williams

This small outdoor fireplace makes a big statement in a compact space. A narrow mantel creates a display area for accessories and a round mirror that helps make the petite screened porch appear larger. The warmth from the fire keeps the screened porch comfortable even as the temperature drops.

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Stone Fireplace

outdoor stone fireplace
Robert Brinson

A stucco-finish fireplace adds textural interest to this outdoor gathering area. The smooth fireplace surround contrasts the brick siding and columns, the rough-cut stone flooring, and the metal ceiling treatment. Furnishings in neutral colors and natural textures enhance the modern-rustic feel.

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Mix-and-Match Brick Fireplace

uneven brick outdoor fireplace
Edward Gohlich

A handful of round stones sprinkled throughout this outdoor fireplace surround breaks up the predominantly brick display. They're placed in an uneven, wavy pattern, conveying a casual and laid-back atmosphere for the patio. Cushioned outdoor chairs and an overhead umbrella create a comfortable conversation area.

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Stone Outdoor Fireplace

stone fireplace in front porch with arched ceiling
Tria Giovan

The best outdoor fireplace ideas reflect the home's overall style and aesthetic. You can achieve this effect by repeating materials and shapes found elsewhere on the exterior. Here, the outdoor fireplace is made from the same type of stone that lines the space's arched entryways. At the same time, the firebox's shapely opening mimics the curved architectural elements.

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Outdoor Brick Fireplace

Herringbone Brick Fireplace
Gordon Beall

Brick appears on several surfaces throughout this covered patio. Although the all-brick fireplace surround is visually an extension of the flooring and nearby columns, its soaring height allows it to function as the primary focus. In addition, bricks arranged in a herringbone pattern on the inside of the firebox add a hint of subtle contrast.

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Outdoor Fireplace Focal Point

natural-stone outdoor fireplace
Werner Straube

An eye-catching outdoor fireplace grounds the colorful seating arrangement on this delightful patio. The fireplace's natural-stone surround features hues that echo the home's siding and the patio flooring. An art print and a pair of decorative grates on the mantel ensure the fireplace takes center stage.

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Double-Sided Outdoor Fireplace

two-sided patio fireplace
Edward Gohlich

This striking two-sided fireplace pulls double duty as a "room divider." Accessible from both sides, the stucco and brick structure divides a dining space and casual seating area on this spacious patio. The fireplace's brick accents, like on the chimney and around the firebox, bring the imposing piece down to earth.

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Grand Outdoor Fireplace

Traditional style outdoor patio
Tria Giovan

This shapely design of this outdoor fireplace idea takes its cue from the house's architecture. It stands out as the elegant centerpiece for this covered patio. The mantel offers prominent display space for a collection of small sculptures. A large painting hung above the mantel helps the outdoor room feel more like a cozy interior space.

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Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

stone fireplace wooden mantel
Laurie Black

A mix of materials is an outdoor fireplace idea to make it stand out. Here, a thick wooden mantel contrasts this outdoor fireplace's hefty stone surround. The large mantelpiece features an oversized windowpane mirror and an arrangement of candles.

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Painted Outdoor Fireplace

White-painted brick fireplace
Emily Followill

White-painted brick on the exterior of this home is repeated on the patio fireplace surround as well. A large hearth provides additional seating for guests (before the fire is ablaze, that is). A small coffee table and wall decor add interior-like comfort.

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Contemporary Outdoor Fireplace

Contemporary Style fireplace
Edward Gohlich

Clean lines and a simple, unadorned stone surround are fireplace design ideas that give this patio a distinctly modern feel. The long firebox ensures the entire seating area is wrapped in warmth even after the sun goes down. The low-profile seating is accented with patterned pillows to add personality to the patio's contemporary design.

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Tuscan-Inspired Fireplace Design Ideas

tuscan stone fireplace
John Granen

A natural stone surround allows this rustic-look fireplace to blend with this home's Tuscan aesthetic. The reddish-orange hues of the fireplace surround echo the color of the home's stone veneer, the patio flooring, and the weathered finish of the wooden ceiling beams. Wicker furniture and neutral cushions follow the nature-inspired color palette.

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Freestanding Outdoor Fireplace

stone metal freestanding fireplace
James Yochum

Freestanding outdoor fireplaces add interest and character without intruding on the structure of your home. Here, a hefty stone-and-metal fireplace ensures the seating area stays warm and cozy well into the nighttime. A patinaed finish on the metal top gives the piece a timeworn look.

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Stucco Outdoor Fireplace

stucco chimney fireplace
Dominique Vorillon

A stucco surround helps this outdoor fireplace blend seamlessly into the rest of the home's exterior. The tall chimney draws the eye upward, creating a feeling of space on the patio. Antique-look tiles above the firebox reinforce the space's Mediterranean style.

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Covered Deck Fireplace

rustic cobblestone fireplace
Colleen Duffley

A sturdy stone fireplace—usually found on poured patios and porches—gives this deck a significant design upgrade. A rustic wooden mantel offers display space and helps tie the fireplace in with its surroundings. The deck's wood-paneled ceiling warms up the gray stones, furniture, and siding.

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Traditional Fireplace Design

minimalist design fireplace
Dominique Vorillon

A freestanding fireplace featuring clean lines and a simple stone surround warms up this relaxing outdoor retreat. The fireplace's aesthetic is reminiscent of traditional Asian designs. The minimalist feel of the sofas and the large Oriental area rug further enhances this look.

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Warm and Inviting Outdoor Fireplace Idea

porch cobblestone fireplace
Dominique Vorillon

Charming cobblestones on the surround of this outdoor fireplace give the piece a casual and inviting energy. A shapely grate placed on the floor in front of the firebox contrasts the simplicity of the thick wooden mantelpiece above. A wicker sofa with bright white cushions brightens the neutral space.

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Rustic Outdoor Fireplace

rough-cut stone patio fireplace
Matthew Benson

A sturdy stone fireplace instantly conveys this patio's warm and welcoming atmosphere. The rough-cut stone surround echoes the look of the flooring, reinforcing the rustic look. A blazing fire throws plenty of heat, so the seating area stays warm even when temperatures dip.

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Matching Outdoor Fireplace

aluminum siding fireplace
Philip Harvey

This fireplace brings the home's exterior look to the open patio, thanks to a surround outfitted with aluminum siding. The surround adds texture to the outdoor room. Dressed with fun patterns, colors, and accessories, there's no shortage of style. A crystal chandelier and tiger-print rug bring unexpected glamour outdoors.

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Elegant Outdoor Fireplace

patio brick chimney
Gordon Beall

An outdoor fireplace adds a charming focal point to this simple, streamlined patio. In addition to providing a splash of personality, the fireplace also ensures the small seating arrangement can be used as a cozy place to relax even after the sun goes down or as the seasons change.

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Curved Stone Fireplace

outdoor seating curved fireplace
Alex Hayden

This striking fireplace warms an intimate seating arrangement while enhancing the water view. The heavy stone surround gracefully follows the curve of the patio. Stately columns add prominence and traditional style to the outdoor space.

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