Fireplace Fillers

If you don't use your fireplace for building cozy fires, or if you want to spruce up the space when it's not in use, add a fun fireplace filler. Try these decorating ideas for fireplace displays.

Savvy Storage

Don't let a nonworking fireplace become an unused area. A firebox is a small space that can be used for storage in a stylish way. Here, a simple wood box holding magazines fills the space, provides storage, and ties in the warm wood tone to the firebox. The rich finish of the wood floor is reflected in the same finish on the wooden box, which complements the natural brick on the hearth.

Plant and Grow

Place a large, leafy plant in front of your fireplace when it's not in use to add a pop of color to a dark firebox. The simple, chic white frame and mantel make the large black firebox stand out, but the green leaves and rattan basket add life to the area and prevent the firebox from overtaking the room.

White Spheres

Treat the firebox of a nonworking fireplace like you would any other display space. Consider using figurines and decorative orbs that fit with your room's decor as fireplace fillers. A dark, black firebox interrupts the crisp whiteness of this living room and white brick fireplace. Rather than allow the gaping hole to stand out, an arrangement of white orbs guarded by two owl figurines adds lightness to the firebox to make its darkness less noticeable.

Candlelit Elegance

Mimic the look of fire with a display of candles standing at attention in your firebox. Different height candlesticks inside the firebox give this dining room fireplace a different purpose. When choosing candleholders for a firebox, consider scale and the height of the fireplace to ensure your display looks balanced. Also, consider using battery operated candles for safety.

Light and Delicate

A birdcage is a unique filler that adds character to a simple fireplace. Its light and spindly frame brings a dainty, delicate look, which contrasts the solid, dignified mantel. The black firebox could stand out as a dark hole in the room, but the simple addition of a classic birdcage adds a lighter touch.

Translucent Color

Use fireplace fillers to complete a color scheme. This dining room boasts an aged, rustic palette of neutral colors, antique furniture, and worn materials. The tall fireplace is simple in color, but intricate in design. Round green and amber bottles inside the fireplace tie light tones together with the more natural, neutral tones of the room. The translucence of the bottles reflects the room's natural light and adds subtle color to the room.

Inset Pattern

Add a patterned backdrop to a firebox to introduce color and texture to a dull fireplace. This can be done with various materials, such as fabric and leftover wallpaper. A simple fireplace screen acknowledges that the space is still a fireplace and candles at different heights fill the area between the screen and the backdrop.

Rolls of Pattern

A room created with various prints and patterns can use these materials in a simple, subtle way as a fireplace filler. Rolled up wallpaper, wrapping paper, fabric, and more can be tied with string or twine to create an interesting visual. Rolls of various heights, thicknesses, and patterns stand vertically inside the firebox and are held in by layers of string. This nontraditional fireplace filler incorporates multiple patterns and design elements without being over-the-top.

Framed Sculpture

A simple sculpture within a firebox adds a touch of personality to the design of a room. The dark backdrop of the firebox and the white surround perfectly frame a sculpture that complements the decor throughout the room. The light, neutral color palette could be interrupted by the black box, but a simple figure that follows the room's color scheme prevents a break in the room.

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