Get Cozy with Brickwork and Stonework Fireplaces

No matter the season, brickwork and stonework fireplaces add architectural beauty and make a room feel more inviting and comfortable. Here's a look at inspirational brickwork and stonework fireplace designs as well as beautiful fireplace surround ideas that you can adapt for your house.

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    Stacked Stone Fireplace

    If you're worried that a stacked stone fireplace would only suit a rustic interior, this gorgeous example proves the transformative power of a mantel. Crown molding and simple corbel brackets dress up a chunky white wood mantel to make it a refreshing focal point in a transitional family room. It's a smart strategy that works well for both brickwork and stonework fireplaces.

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    Beautiful in Brick

    There are few architectural focal points more iconic than a brick fireplace. Give it your personal stamp for a one-of-a-kind display. The fireplace in this beautiful shiplap-wrapped space, for example, gains softer cottage-style appeal with a whitewash glaze that mutes the red tones of the brick and brings the fireplace surround into harmony with the white furnishings and walls. Before painting or glazing brickwork and stonework fireplaces, thoroughly clean the surface of soot and grease with a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water, then rinse with clear water. You can also use TSP detergent and water or a small amount of gentle detergent or dish soap and water.

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    Cobblestone Creation

    Not all stacked stone fireplaces are made from stone cut into brick shapes. This charming design uses dry-stacked cobblestones to bring rustic, handcrafted beauty to a sweet country-style sitting area. A skilled stone mason takes great care in stacking the cobblestones so each nestles tightly against the other -- even achieving a lintel of vertical stones above the firebox.

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    Modern Flagstone Fireplace

    Who knew a flagstone fireplace could fit into a hip, retro-eclectic living room? For this rustic flagstone fireplace, the secret lies in the addition of a crisp white mantel for a fresh spin that works with a hairpin-leg coffee table, midcentury-modern chairs, and contemporary artwork.

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    TV vs. Fireplace: Tips for Choosing

    It's a common living room arranging dilemma: Should your seating face the fireplace or TV? We show you a layout that works for both.

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    A Taste of Italy

    Substantial limestone blocks retain natural pits for a sense of antiquity and fit together like a puzzle to become this elegant, Tuscan-inspired focal point. A single rose carved into the keystone adds dimensional beauty and serves as an unforgettable design statement.

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    Stacked Stone Fireplace Veneer

    Stacked stone is an ideal material to use for remodeling a dated fireplace, such as this renovated beauty that emphasizes the room's soaring ceiling. Thin slices of real stone cover the old materials and are lightweight to make installation easier.

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    Brickwork and Stonework Fireplace Combination

    You aren't limited to choosing between a brickwork or stonework fireplace. This charming fireplace effortlessly combines an arched brick border around the firebox with the rustic beauty of a stacked stone facade that extends to the ceiling and walls.

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    Brick Beyond Red

    Brick comes in a wide variety of colors in addition to the traditional red shades, so your brick fireplace can complement any color palette. In this Craftsman living room, rich coffee-color bricks -- set in a crisp running bond with white grout -- create a warm focal point and keep the look clean and harmonious.

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    New Traditions

    Create your own twist on tradition with this creative fireplace surround idea. Rather than installing tile or marble around a firebox, use an unexpected dose of stacked stone, and add a white-painted traditional mantel for dramatic contrast.

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    Simplified Pattern

    Although many brick fireplaces feature bricks laid in a running bond pattern, which staggers joints, this fireplace aligns bricks vertically. It's a simple, orderly design choice that works well in a room with modern or contemporary furnishings.

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    White on White

    Decorate a white living room with dollops of blue and you're on your way to the tranquil charm of a cottage-style space. Keep the look cohesive with a white brick fireplace (or paint existing red bricks white) and a white mantel for added dimension and architectural beauty.

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    Collector's Friend

    A stacked stone fireplace and collectible treasures go hand in hand. Although this fireplace uses a variety of square and rectangular stones for textural interest, it serves as the perfect primitive backdrop for vintage and antique finds -- from the metal star displayed on the chimney to vintage seltzer bottles on the rustic wood mantel. Flanking open shelves provide storage and display spots.

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    Decorate Your Mantel

    Bring style to your fireplace with these mantel decorating and arranging ideas.

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    Inner Beauty

    The design of your fireplace can extend beyond the facade to the inside of a firebox. This stacked limestone beauty makes a dramatic transition to a firebox lined with red brick laid in a distinctive herringbone pattern.

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    Stone on Stone

    A wood mantel isn't the only option for personalizing your stacked stone fireplace. This substantial focal-point mantel uses a rough-hewn stone slab to add interest and dimension above the firebox.

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    Artistry in Brick

    In this new Nantucket home, a brick fireplace serves as a shapely centerpiece. Rather than relying on a wood surround or mantel to give the fireplace a distinctive look, the bricks themselves stack artistically to form a sculptural focal point dressed in white.

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    Outdoor Brick Fireplace

    Extend the seasonality of your porch or patio and include a brickwork or stonework fireplace in your plans. A deep overhang protects this outdoor sitting area from the elements, creating a cozy gathering spot around a brick fireplace with a rustic look.

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