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Browse these fetching fireplace pictures to find design inspiration for every style and material and discover how to bring spark to your own fireplace.

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    Refine a Rustic Fireplace

    River-rock and stone-faced fireplaces attract positive attention but their massive forms can weigh down breezy room designs. If that's the case at your house, install a simple white-painted or light-finished mantel shelf to give your fireplace a lively lift. Another benefit? You'll have a display ledge for showcasing collections that further your color scheme and decorating theme.

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    Go Old World

    Opt for antique limestone or reproduction cast-concrete mantels to introduce a sense of age to Tuscan, Spanish, and French interiors. A distressed patina, raised motifs, and crown molding details make this memorable mantel pop from its similarly glazed backdrop, a stony slab that amplifies the structure's visual impact and physical presence.

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    Craft a Classic

    A white paneled mantel and a Carrara marble surround fashion a traditional focal point. Frame a conventional structure with handsome bookshelves to create a make-a-statement wall. Maintain consistency by incorporating the same decorative details on your mantel and built-ins; here, the lower cabinets sport glass doors that mirror the form and shimmer of the hearth's glassed-in firebox. 

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    Play the Angles

    Create contrast by mixing curves and straight lines. Pair curved shelves and display niches with a streamlined metal fireplace surround that sits almost flush with the wall. This rectangular fireplace with an abbreviated stone hearth balances the upper curves and provides a contrasting color and substantial shape that boosts the wall's overall appeal.

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    Think Understated

    Focal point mantels don't have to shout "Look at me!" They can instead quietly present a petite profile embellished with carved designs that add delightful dimension without overwhelming a room. Show off a neutral stone or cast-concrete mantel's beauty by pairing it with a black surround and gray brick firebox.

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    Match Your Style

    This strikingly sculptural and sleek fireplace sets a tastefully transitional tone that complements a blend of contemporary and conventional furnishings and fixtures. When opting for minimalist mantels that are meant to meld into a monochromatic scheme, cover the firebox in deeper-hued bricks laid in an eye-catching pattern for added pizzazz.

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    Master the Mix

    Even when no flames flicker, this fireplace shines exceptionally bright. Every detail counts when crafting a distinctively handsome hearth that stands as an alluring architectural element when not in use. Corinthian-style column details, a distressed finish, polished stone tiles on the surround and hearth, and a stainless-steel door give this structure the look of a fine antique.

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    Span Centuries

    Though situated in a recently built great-room, this massive plaster-clad fireplace steps back in time due to a thoughtfully designed mantel treatment. Sizeable corbels with a weathered blue finish support the thick shelf that's been shaped fit around the fireplace's curves. Thanks to extended length, the antiqued black mantel deepens at the sides to accommodate statuesque lamps.

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    Stylish Woodwork

    Give a fireplace aristocratic appeal by encasing it from head to toe in finely finished cabinetry or paneled woodwork. Enhance the grand-library viewpoint by flanking the fireplace with built-in bookcases and paneled walls. Keep the look understated and sophisticated by using the same material for the surround and firebox and accessorizing the hearth with brass andirons and copper details.

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    Fireplace Renewal

    Black and white is a classic combination that perfectly suits traditional fireplaces found in classic interiors. Update tired or smoke-stained bricks using black interior oil or latex paint. For solid coverage, prime the brick surfaces before painting. Skip the priming step if you want the bricks' true colors to come through. 

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    TV vs. Fireplace

    Solve the "TV-versus-fireplace focal point" conundrum by recessing a television niche into the wall above your fireplace mantel. Make the nook high, wide, and deep enough to accommodate a flat screen television that can be placed so the screen is easy to see by viewers while leaving space open for mantel-top displays. 

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    Cottage Fireplace

    Cottage style is breezy, buoyant, and bright. And that's just how this living room feels, thanks in part to its all-white perimeters. Try painting your fireplace, including bricks, surround, and mantel, the same color as your walls and woodwork (pale colors look best) to create an easy-on-the-eye space that highlights your collections and emits cheerfully charming vibes.  

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    Bathe in Luxury

    Plenty of pampering awaits those with a bathroom fireplace. This streamlined see-through fireplace boasts a raised hearth and burner that allows flickering flames to be enjoyed during daily dressings, tub soaks, or bedtime reads.

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    Perfectly Blend

    Wood mantels, whether new or antique, can be painted, glazed, or otherwise treated to match the fireplace's surround and your decor. Give mantels period-perfect patinas by rubbing on, wiping off, and sanding away layers of black, metallic, and tinted glazes and paints until you get a surface that strikes the most pleasing chord.

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    Vary Patterns

    Brickwork matters when it comes to fashioning fetching fireplaces. Note how the bricks on this towering fireplace direct the eye across, upward, and toward the center while also highlighting the structure's special features. Mix rows of vertically and horizontally set bricks with bricks laid in various patterns to create unique designs that captivate attention.

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