How to Make a Wood Bead Chandelier for Under $100

As thrifty as they are fun, basic beads can be fashioned into handcrafted home accents.

We love the look of wood bead chandeliers (like this Amelia Wood Bead Chandelier, $899, Pottery Barn), but many of them come with a hefty price tag. We created a simple DIY wood bead chandelier that you can make in an afternoon for under $100—including the pendant light! Search online for bulk wood beads rather than smaller packages. We scored several hundred wood beads for under $10. Keep the beads natural to add a touch of farmhouse style to your room or paint them to match your existing decor. The most time-consuming part of this easy craft project is stringing the beads. Turn on your favorite show and get started!

wooden chandelier hanging above table
Carson Downing

How to Make a Wood Bead Chandelier

Supplies Needed

  • White string
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery needle
  • Approximately 500 wood beads
  • Diagonal pliers
  • 14-inch lampshade ring
  • Needle nose pliers
  • 12-inch embroidery hoop
  • Pendant light kit

Step-by-Step Directions

With a few supplies and these how-to instructions, you can create your own wood bead chandelier. If you have leftover wood beads, try creating a colorful yarn and bead chandelier.

Step 1: String Beads

For this pretty pendant, gather about 500 beads—ranging from ½ to 1½ inches in diameter—and measure three 16-inch lengths of string for a total of about 48 feet. Knot one end and begin threading beads, randomly alternating between sizes to create a dynamic look. Leave an 18-inch tail and knot the end when finished stringing.

Step 2: Prep Bracket

Use diagonal pliers to remove cross bracing from a 14-inch lampshade ring. Discard the outer lampshade ring and use needle nose pliers ($13, The Home Depot) to turn up the four ends of the cross brace 1 inch. Remove the inner ring from a 12-inch embroidery hoop. Rest inner portion of embroidery hoop onto cross bracing. Fit pendant light hardware (we used this Blush Single Pendant, $82, Color Cord Company) through the center of the cross brace.

Step 3: Hang Beads

To hang the bead strands, it's easiest to suspend the hoop from a secured bracket like a closet bar. Tie one end of the string to the hoop and begin looping the strand over and under the hoop, allowing space between the beads to drape over the hoop and creating a series of intertwining swags. Tie the end of the string to the hoop and cut excess. Place the outside hoop around the inner one to cover the string, and tighten the hoop screw. Finish installing the light according to the pendant light kit instructions and adjust beads so the wood bead chandelier is level.

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