You won't believe the stylish result that comes from combining neon spray paint, water, and a basic dry-erase board.

By Katie Bandurski

Wall art is a reflection of who you are and what you like, but finding the right piece can be tricky. Instead of scouring home goods stores and online shops, you can make your own wall art. This DIY neon project is perfect for anyone who likes to have a little fun with their decor. 

To make the artwork, simply cut a dry-erase board to size, spray on water and paint, then wipe off excess water. It's a super simple process, but the results are a contemporary masterpiece. We chose to create a triptych of three pieces of art, though an oversize version would look gorgeous hung above a modern mantel or bed frame.

What You Need

  • Dry-erase board
  • Table saw
  • Waterproof drop cloth
  • Spray water bottle
  • Two shades of spray paint in desired colors (we used Fluorescent Pink and Valspar Rosy Cheeks) 
  • Latex gloves
  • Face mask
  • Paper towels 

Step 1: Cut to Size

Gather materials. Cut a sheet of dry-erase board material to desired size with a table saw. Or have your local hardware store cut it for you. We made our artwork 11x14 inches.

Step 2: Spray Water

Lay down a waterproof drop cloth in a well-ventilated area. Place the board on the cloth, then fill your spray bottle with water. Spray water across the dry-erase board, allowing the water to bead and puddle.

Step 3: Spray Paint

Spray the lighter of the two paint shades across the board on top of the water. Immediately wipe the board with damp paper towels to remove any paint floating on the water. 

Editor's Tip: Always use spray paint outside or in a well-ventilated area. Protect yourself by wearing a mask and gloves. 

Step 4: Spray Neon Paint

Spray the board with more water, once again allowing it to bead and puddle. From a distance—roughly 8 to 10 inches away—spray the board with neon paint. Then immediately spray the board from a low angle with more water. This will wash away any neon paint that floated on top of the beaded water.  

Step 5: Final Touches

Let the board dry. Then frame and hang as desired.

Editor's Tip: We love the look of a neon gallery wall. Make multiple versions of this piece, then hang in groupings. Since the technique varies, each board will be a little bit different. Or use a large sheet of dry-erase board without cutting to size for statement-making oversize artwork.


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