Modern Mosaic Projects

Mix a dash of modern with an ancient technique to create fun and affordable projects for your home that double as great gifts for family and friends.

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    Point the Way

    This artwork takes a ubiquitous computer icon and turns it into cheeky artwork. To make your own, find a graphic emblem online that you wish to re-create with tiles.

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    Starting Point

    Enlarge the photo until you can see the pixels. Plot the pixels on graph paper and tape the image to an 8x10-inch canvas. Place the canvas inside a black frame, then secure glass tiles to the graphed canvas using tile adhesive.

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    Break a Few Hearts

    Inexpensive wood cutouts carve out an intricate floral design on a basic vase. Purchase wood hearts in two sizes and cut the larger size in half. Use tile adhesive to secure the large halves to the edges of the vase and small hearts in the corners.

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    Two of Hearts

    Create a flower design using the smaller hearts. Paint with crafts paint. Let dry. Seal the tiles with decoupage medium and let dry. Mix grout according to the package directions and apply with a grout spreader, pushing the grout into cracks and crevices at a 45-degree angle. Clean off excess with a damp sponge. When dry, dust off residue with a soft cloth.

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    Piece It Together

    Make a striking statement on your wall with this jazzy mixed-media mosaic collage.

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    What a Square

    Gather product packaging from the recycling bin and cut squares from the cardboard equal to the size of scrap glass tiles. Then secure the cutouts and tile to a wide, flat frame with tile adhesive from a home supply store.

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    Lay a Tray

    Recycle this morning's breakfast while crafting a delicately beautiful display piece for your home. Draw your design on transfer paper, and copy it to a tray. If the surface is too slick to take the transfer, apply a thin coat of decoupage medium to create texture. Let dry and transfer your design.

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    Egg-Cellent Idea

    Rinse the interior membrane from eggshells, and let dry. Apply crafts paints to color your eggshells. Let dry. Apply decoupage medium to the tray. Break the shells into small pieces and lightly press any curved pieces to the surface. Use the precision point of scissors to push shells into place. Let dry. Apply a clear acrylic resin or several coast of polyurethane to your finished project.

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    Go Gaming

    Put misfit game pieces to work with this serving platter project. On a plain charger, lay out dominoes and mirror tiles in your desired pattern.

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    Personalized Pieces

    While arranging, think about repeating numbers or including special dates -- whatever you wish. Once you're satisfied with the configuration, adhere the pieces to the plate with tile adhesive. Let dry.

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