How to Make an Embroidered Butterfly

A simple butterfly or moth with colorful wings can brighten any room in the house.

This embroidered art lets colorful stitching glow against a black butterfly or moth background. Follow our color recommendations or pick your own colors to match your home. Leave the fabric in the hoop as wall art or sew the decorated fabric into a DIY pillow cover.

What You Need

  •  Stencil paper
  •  Crafts knife
  •  Masking tape
  •  Linen fabric: 13" square for butterfly, 14" square for moth
  •  Acrylic paint: black
  •  Matte medium
  •  Paper plate
  •  Foam paint roller
  •  Wooden embroidery hoop: 7" round for butterfly, 8" round for moth
  •  Adhesive label sheet
  •  DMC embroidery floss: #608, #666, #729, and #3761 for butterfly; #165, #503, #3347, and #3761 for moth
  •  Embroidery needle
  •  Tweezers
  •  9x12" piece of black felt
  •  Clear-drying glue

Step 1: Paint Stencil on Fabric

Trace butterfly or moth pattern downloaded from the link below onto stencil paper; cut out with crafts knife. Tape edges of stencil to fabric. Mix a silver-dollar-size blob of black acrylic paint and a quarter-size blob of matte medium on a paper plate; adjust amount of acrylic paint if necessary to achieve an opaque consistency. Roll foam roller in the paint mixture a few times to distribute it evenly on the roller. Roll paint onto stencil (centered on fabric); let dry.

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Step 2: Place Fabric in Hoop

Remove stencil from fabric. Place painted fabric in hoop, centering the painted butterfly or moth in the opening. Pull fabric taut; tighten screw. Download butterfly or moth embroidery pattern below; print onto adhesive label sheet. 

Step 3: Stitch Embroidery Pattern

Cut out printed pattern, and remove paper backing. Adhere pattern to painted area of design, aligning the shape on the painted lines. Referring to Embroidery Diagrams from the download below, stitch the designs with four strands of each color of embroidery floss. Stitch all areas except for French knots.

Step 4: Remove Paper Pattern

Carefully tear and peel away the adhesive label pattern in small pieces, leaving the embroidery intact. Use tweezers to remove small pieces from the centers of embroidered areas

Step 5: Stitch French Knots

Use tweezers to remove small pieces from the centers of embroidered areas. Stitch the French knots with four strands of embroidery floss. Adjust tension of fabric in embroidery hoop if necessary. 

Step 6: Glue Fabric To Hoop

To finish, glue fabric to back of hoop and trim excess. Cut a circle of black felt to fit inside back of hoop. Glue felt circle to back of embroidery.

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