How to Embroider Canvas Wall Art

Add a simple, earthy piece of art to any room with this embroidered wall art project!

Create a piece of wall art full of texture and personality with this simple embroidered canvas project. Natural colors give the artwork a rustic, earthy look, but try different colors for the yarn and canvas to match your room.

What You'll Need:

- Artist's canvas - Crafts paint - Foam brush - Cardstock - Heavy-duty needle - Embroidery needle - Yarn in two thicknesses and colors (we used a variegated and an ombré)

Step 1

Gather materials. Use crafts paint and a foam brush to paint the canvas. Sketch a botanical design onto cardstock. Position the cardstock on the dry canvas. Lightly tape the edges to secure it.

Step 2

Use a heavy-duty needle to poke evenly spaced holes along your design through the canvas.

Step 3

Remove cardstock to reveal pattern of poked holes.

Step 4

Thread an embroidery needle with yarn. Beginning at the back of the canvas, use the existing holes to embroider the design. Use a thinner yarn or different color to highlight various areas of the design.


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