How to Make Fabric-Covered Panels

Add color and texture to your home with this easy DIY from blogger Chelsey Andrews. She uses foam, fabric, and staples to create jaw-dropping wall art.

Are you loving all the beautifully painted and wallpapered walls as much as I am? The texture and bright colors are right up my alley. But, if you live in an apartment and cannot paint (or just don't like to paint walls), I think I have a project for you. It's a quick and easy way to add color to your walls without actually painting them. How? Fabric covered foam boards. Simple as that. I made a miniature panel to share with you, hopefully this DIY can get you on your way! -Chelsey, The Paper Mama

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What You Need

  • 1/2-inch thick foam board
  • Fabric
  • Staple gun
  • Wall putty or plate hangers

Step 1: Place Foam

Decide what size and how many panels you'd like to make. Once you've gathered all your materials, lay the fabric out on a flat surface and place the foam panel on top of it. It's best to have about 2 inches around the edge of extra fabric.

Step 2: Fold and Staple

Fold the fabric over the first edge, and staple it down. I'd suggest a staple at each corner of the foam, plus a staple every 5-10 inches. When your first edge is stapled, move to the side directly opposite your freshly stapled side. Pull the fabric taut and staple it down.

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Step 3: Fold Corners

It's time to fold down the corners. Sort of like wrapping a present. Fold down the corners , fold over, and staple. Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 4: Hang Panels

You're almost done! Time to decide how you'd like to hang your panels. If it's light, adhesive putty would probably work very well. If the panel is heavy, I'd look into using a plate hanger.

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