Update an ordinary wood canvas into a striking work of art with clean-lined geometric designs. Painters tape makes it easy!

September 11, 2017

Geometric designs give contemporary edge to home decor. Similar to a paint-by-number coloring page, this DIY wall art is made by filling in sections with your favorite paint shades. Choose the colors and geometric patterns that work best with your home, tape off sections, and get to painting! We'll show you the tips and tricks to creating crisp lines and a modern design, below.

wall art

What You Need

  • Wood canvas
  • Painters tape
  • Assortment of paint colors
  • Assorted paintbrushes
  • Small bowls with water
  • Sponge

Step 1: Apply Tape to Corners

Tape off the corner sections of artwork first, creating randomly placed triangular shapes. The beauty of this method is that there is no right or wrong design. Simply stretch the tape tightly across your wooden canvas and press it down to make your desired shapes. Wrap the tape around the edges of the canvas too.

Step 2: Add Metallic Accents

Depending on what type of surface you are working on, you may want to first lay down a drop cloth before painting. Once your work surface is prepped, paint the taped-off triangles gold with a foam brush. If a triangle lines up with an edge, be sure to paint over the edge as well. Walk away for about 20 minutes or so to let dry completely.

Step 3: Tape and Paint

Once dry, stretch tape across the canvas again, along the edge of the dried gold triangles. Make more geometric shapes with the tape. Keep in mind the colors you wish to use while you do this step.

Paint the taped sections with a slightly watered down colorful paint (we used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint—it is fantastic on wood), so that the paint acts more as a color stain on the wood and allows the texture of the wood grain to show through. In small bowls, mix your paint colors with a few drops of water at a time until you've reached desired consistency. You may want to test your paint mixture on a scrap piece of wood before you apply to your artwork.

Step 4: Repeat and Finish

If desired, tape off smaller sections of the wood canvas and apply more colors of stain. Do not apply tape over paint unless you are certain that it is dry. Or leave a few sections untouched for contrast.

When finished, hang on the wall or lean casually against a mantel.

Comments (1)

August 29, 2018
Nice, very contemporary. Pull your whole room together with one large piece! Great idea.